CA: Working Equitation Clinic with Fred Bernardino

White Star Ranch 4246 Heath Road, Bakersfield, CA

Working Equitation (WE) is a fun and exciting way to improve your riding tact, geometry, fluidity of transitions, contact, suppleness, connection to the horse, and your horse's confidence. Almost anyone […]

CA: Working Equitation Play Days at Vinyard Oak Dressage

Vinyard Oak Dressage 14101 Indio Drive, Sloughhouse, CA

A FUN, no pressure, and relaxed way to get started & to practice! Working Equitation (WE) is a new and growing horse sport that combines dressage and obstacles to develop […]

NV: Broken Bit Ranch Dia de los Muertos WE Schooling Show

Broken Bit Ranch 124 Upper Colony Road, Wellington, NV

Two day schooling show - Judge Sarah Pinney “r”. Dressage on Saturday, EOH & Speed on Sunday. $100 for the weekend. Stalls are available. Space is limited.

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