U.S. Rules for Working Equitation

U.S. Rules For Working Equitation

Working Equitation as a sport has its own set of rules that govern competitions.  Working Equitation also has unique dressage tests designed to be the foundation and structure underlying the remaining trials of Working Equitation.  If you need the most up-to-date rules and dressage tests for Working Equitation competitions, you’ve found them!


2024 USAWE Rules and Dressage Tests

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Appendix A – Dressage Tests – 2024

Appendix B – Obstacles – 2024 Rev. 7.2

Appendix C – Scoresheets – 2024 Rev. 7.1

Appendix D – Tack and Attire – 2024

Appendix E – FEI Code of Conduct – 2024

Appendix F – Protest Form – 2024

Appendix G – Rider Division Policy – 2024

L1 Dressage Test – Introductory – 2024

L2 Dressage Test – Novice A – 2024

L3 Dressage Test – Novice B – 2024

L4 Dressage Test – Intermediate A – 2024

L5 Dressage Test – Intermediate B – 2024

L6 Dressage Test – Advanced – 2024

L7 Dressage Test – Masters – 2024

USAWE Dressage Tests for Purchase

All USAWE Dressage tests are available as PDFs for free download and printing using the links above.

Click the image below to purchase durable hardbound USAWE Dressage Test books.

2024 tests are the same as the 2023 tests.

2023 USAWE Dressage Test Books for sale

Get the Dressage Test App for Android

Get the Dressage Test App for Apple

Competitor Resources

Objectives of the Levels

Gaits of the WE Horse

Movements Required in WE

Glossary of Key Terms

The Language of Judging

Guide to WE Tack and Attire – 4/22/24

Rider Dispensations

Riders with permanent disabilities use this form to apply for a Rider Dispensation Certificate that approves the use of adaptive equipment and other allowances.  The dispensation is for riders only, not for their mount.

Rider Dispensation applications must be emailed to competitions@usawe.org

Once approved, a copy of your Rider Dispensation Certificate must be included with each show entry.

Copies of your Rider Dispensation Certificate should be brought to all shows.  You are responsible for providing copies to the Judge(s) and TD at the show before the competition begins.

Rider Dispensation Application – MS Word

Rider Dispensation Application – PDF

Competitor Feedback Form

Competitors:  Help improve competitions by providing feedback we can share with competition organizers.

Competition organizers work hard to provide opportunities for our members to participate in high-quality events.

The Competitions committee would like to provide an opportunity for members to share feedback with competition organizers without worrying about that feedback impacting relationships. Thus, we’re providing an online Competitor Feedback Form, which we will use to provide summaries of the feedback received (both positive kudos and constructive criticism).

We encourage all competitors to take a few moments to share what you love about the competitions you experience as well as suggestions for improvement.

Competitor Feedback Form

Rule Changes

Rule Change Proposal

Use this form to submit rule change proposals to the Rules Committee. To allow sufficient time for consideration, review, proof-reading, and formal approval of the rules document, Rule Change Proposals must be submitted by August 31st to be considered for the next competition season.

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