USAWE Ethics Complaint Forms

Filing an Ethics Complaint

Any member or competitor has the right to file a complaint. The complaint must be in writing using the Ethics Complaint Form and accompanied by a fee of $100.  The fee will be refunded if any portion of the complaint is upheld (i.e., the complaint is not dismissed in its entirety). 

A complaint may be filed anonymously, or the complainant may provide his/her name and contact information.  If the complainant elects to disclose his/her name and contact information, he/she may be contacted for additional information and will be notified of the results of the investigation. If the complainant chooses to remain anonymous, he/she will have no further input in the investigative process and will not be informed of the outcome.

All written complaints, conversations, documents, or other activities involving an alleged ethics violation are confidential and will not be revealed in any manner to anyone except members of the Ethics Committee. Only the respondent and those involved in the investigative process will be provided with information contained in the complaint. The complainant’s name will not be disclosed to the respondent unless indicated otherwise on the complaint form.

Complaint forms must be completed in their entirety and include detailed information. Complaints will be screened to ensure that there is sufficient information to justify an investigation. If there is insufficient information, the complaint will be dismissed, and no further action will be taken.

Complaint forms are sent directly to the Ethics Committee Chair.

Questions regarding possible ethics violations and general ethics related questions can be sent via email to the Ethics Committee Chair:  For complaints and confidential questions please email:  All communications will be held in strict confidence.

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