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About the Sport

Dressage Trial

The first of the Working Equitation trials is the Dressage trial. During this trial, the horse and rider ride a pattern of movements prescribed by the official test for their level. WE dressage tests are performed in a 20 x 40 meter “short court”. The judge scores each movement on a scale of 0-10, and provides Collective Marks at the conclusion of the test for gaits, impulsion, submission, rider and presentation.

Ease of Handling

Ease of Handling (EOH) is the second trial comprising a Working Equitation competition. The EOH trial is required at all performance levels–Introductory, Novice A/B, Intermediate A/B, Advanced, and Masters.

As with the Dressage trial, the judge scores each obstacle on a scale of 0-10 and also provides Collective Marks for transitions/navigation, gaits, impulsion, submission, and rider.

Speed Trial

The third trial in a  Working Equitation competition is the Speed trial. This is a test of a horse and rider’s ability to navigate obstacles with accuracy as quickly as possible. It is thrilling to watch!

The Speed trial is first encountered by horse/rider pairs competing at the Novice A level. Riders soon learn that precision in the obstacles, coupled with strategic course lines, translate to winning speed rounds.  

Cattle Trial

During the Cattle trial, a team of three or four riders work together as each rider separates a designated cow from the herd and moves it across the enclosure to a holding pen.

The Cattle trial is not always offered at WE competitions, but it is a crowd and competitor favorite when it is available. Riders use the same tack/attire for this trial as they did for Dressage, EOH, and Speed.

About Our Community

One of the things that members most appreciate about the sport is the supportive, positive community.

Part of maintaining and growing that community is offering ways for people interested in learning more about working equitation to connect with others. USAWE currently offers two programs designed to help foster a healthy community and provide outreach to others:  Affiliate Organizations and the Professional Instructors Program.

Affiliate Organizations are groups that have applied to be listed as resources on the USAWE website. Each Affiliate Organization must be a legally-recognized entity (sole-proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, Nonprofit, etc.) with a focus on Working Equitation. New Affiliate Organization applicants are warmly encouraged! You can find the Affiliate Organization application on our Affiliate Organizations page.

The Professional Instructors program was originally launched in 2021 as the WE Coaches Network. Professional Instructors are recognized for having demonstrated both their abilities as instructors and their knowledge of Working Equitation through the completion of a variety of educational and performance requirements including having successfully passed an exam of the current U.S. Rules for Working Equitation. You are encouraged to contact the Professional Instructor nearest you to help get you started in this amazing sport.

About Our Logo

The logo represents the four trials of Working Equitation and highlights the diversity for which the sport is known in the United States.

  • The first image depicts a mule, being ridden in Western tack and attire in the Dressage trial.
  • The second image showcases an Iberian horse in traditional Iberian tack and attire performing in the EOH trial.
  • The third image shows a horse of indeterminate breeding and a rider in English tack and attire, competing in the Speed trial.
  • Together, all three riders represent a team competing together in the Cattle trial. Although the cow is not shown directly, the three teammates are working in concert. The image is intended to elicit the feeling of excitement and movement as the team moves their designated cow toward the holding pen to the far right, off the page. 

USAWE Logo design by Alexandra Crippen of Crippen Designs, Creswell, Oregon

About the Organization

USAWE is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Colorado on September 12th, 2020, and federally recognized in October 2021 as a 501(c)(3) organization (see IRS approval letter here).

USAWE was formed in 2020 when WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation consolidated into a single national organization. The decision to merge into USAWE was unanimously supported by the Boards of both prior WE organizations.

USAWE was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in general, with two specific purposes:

1.) The fostering of local, regional, national, and international amateur sports competitions, including educational activities, promotional activities, and competitions related to the sport of Working Equitation in the United States.  

2.) The fostering of national or international amateur sports competitions primarily to conduct national or international competition in sports and to support and develop amateur athletes for national or international competition in sports.

USAWE was accepted in March of 2022 as a member country of the World Association of Working Equitation.

About WAWE

World Association of Working Equitation (WAWE)

Working Equitation started as a discipline in the mid-1990’s with four countries: Italy, Spain, France and Portugal.  The World Association of Working Equitation now includes many countries and a growing number of participants worldwide.

An International World Working Equitation Championship Show is hosted every four years by a different county. This sport is of great importance in the global equestrian world, not only for the number of riders who captivate different age groups but also for the variety of breeds competing.

WAWE is the sole international authority responsible for governing Working Equitation internationally. WAWE fosters the development of Working Equitation worldwide. Click Here to visit the World Association for Working Equitation website to learn more about our sport at the international level.

USAWE is recognized as the exclusive Official Accredited Agent of WAWE in the USA

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