Competition Resources

Competition Resources

A successful USAWE Competition only happens when a team of people work together to put it on.  If you are one of those people who are essential to the competition organizing team, this is your go-to place for the latest information and resources to help you do your part.


Competition Manual

The USAWE Competition Manual defines the requirements and provides guidelines for conducting a USAWE-licensed show.

Competition License

Request a USAWE Competition License

Insurance address to use when requesting a Certificate of Additional Insured for USAWE as required for licensed shows.

5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO  80303

Email a PDF of the insurance policy to

Show Secretary Quick Links

USAWE Members List:

The Show Secretary is required to validate the rider’s USAWE membership number.  This list is updated by the Membership Committee. 

Contact with questions.

USAWE Recorded Horses List:

The Show Secretary is required to validate the show entry’s USAWE recorded horse number.  This list is updated by the Horse Recording Committee.

Contact with questions.

Licensed Official Reports

Technical Delegates:

Please complete the online TD Report within one week after the end of the competition.

Required post-show report. TD uses this online form to report on licensed competitions. (Competition Manual 7.1 )


Please use the online Judge Feedback Form to share any information you feel is pertinent regarding shows you recently judged.

Not required, but appreciated.

Show Manager Reports

Show Manager:

Within a week following your licensed show, please email show results to and use the online Judge Evaluation Form for Show Managers and TD Evaluation Form for Show Managers buttons below to assess performance.

Required post-show report. Use this form to report show results for a licensed competition (Dressage, EOH, Speed, Cattle trials).

If you use the online scoring program, download and send in the Excel file that program provides instead.

Email all Show Results (manual or GIRA) to

Required post-show report. Show Manager uses this online form to assess Judge(s) performance. (Competition Manual 7. 2)

Required post-show report. Show Manager uses this online form to assess TD performance. (Competition Manual 7. 2) Online Scoring Program

USAWE subscribes to, an online scoring program designed for Working Equitation, and offers this web-based software FREE OF CHARGE to all USAWE show organizers. helps streamline the process of show entries, scoring, and placing and can also help make printing and organizing score sheets more efficient.

Use GIRA to

    • set up Athletes
    • select show participants
    • create your show’s Entry Order (Start List)
    • create personalized Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed, and Cattle Scorecards
    • score/place each Division and Performance Level
    • download show results in the format needed by

USAWE show organizers may request access to the program for both schooling and licensed competitions.

If you would like to use the online system, please be sure to request that your show be added to GIRA at least two weeks in advance of your show date so you have sufficient time to get all your information added to the system.

Contact to request your competition be added to GIRA or to request a personalized online tutorial on how to use the system.

For competitions that want to use the online scoring/placing program.

For those familiar with GIRA who just need a checklist of steps.

Instructions on setting show up to accept show entries using the GIRA online software program.

Competitors, Show Managers, Scorekeepers, Technical Delegates, and Judges, please use this online form to give feedback on GIRA.

Links and Downloadable Forms

Note:  If your document downloads in “Protected View” you will need to click the “Enable Editing” button located near the top menu of the document in the yellow warning strip before you can fill it out (see example below).


LINKS Updated Description
Banner Order Form   Order the USAWE Banner using the form provided in the link. All banner orders must be submitted at least 20 business days (4 weeks) before your needed date.
Course Design Verification Guide  1/5/2024 Covers basic course design requirements. EOH and Speed courses must be reviewed/approved by a licensed official. 
Dressage Court Dimensions   Provides Dressage court dimensions and diagonal measurements to aid in setup.

Emergency Plan (sample) – MS Word

Emergency Plan (sample) – PDF

4/25/2022 Emergency Plan instructions prepared by Safety Coordinator. (Competition Manual 4.3)
Entry Form (sample)  1/16/2024 First page can be modified as needed. Second page cannot be changed. (Competition Manual 4.3)
Gate Steward Duties 1/5/2024 List of Gate Steward Duties. Useful for Show Managers. 
Insurance – address to use when requesting a certificate of additional insured for USAWE as required for licensed shows   USAWE
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO  80303

Email a PDF of the insurance policy to
International Guest Judge Application  1/5/2024 Judges must hold a current WE Judge License issued by their country’s national WE organization and apply for a USAWE International Guest Judge License.
Licensed Official Confirmation & Contract (sample) 3/24/2022 A sample licensed official confirmation & contract.
Logo (USAWE)   To use for prize lists & show advertising for USAWE licensed competitions. Questions?  Contact
Logo Guidelines (USAWE)   Guidelines for USAWE Logo printing and usage.
Questions?  Contact
Obstacle Specifications Checklist 2024, Rev. 7  1/5/2024 List of obstacle specifications (per performance level) for EOH and Speed course setup/reset.  Useful for Judge, TD, and ground crew.
Paddock Steward Duties  2/5/2023 List of Paddock Steward Duties. Useful for Show Managers.
Planning Your Show Schedule – Recommended Time Allotments 3/24/2022 Recommended time allotments to help Working Equitation show managers plan your show day (Entry Order, Ride Times, Breaks, Course Setup for Performance Levels, Course Walks, Protest Filings, Awards, etc.) for Dressage, EOH, Speed, and Cattle Trials.
Prize List (sample) coming soon  00/00/2024 Suggested basic information to be included in a prize list.
Protest Requirement Summary 10/20/2021 A synopsis of protest requirements and time limits. (Competition Manual 5.3)
Results Verification Log  1/6/2024 TD (or Judge) will initial this sheet to indicate when results from each trial are validated and can be considered final.
Schooling Show Ideas
Example Course Maps
Basics of Scoring
2/16/2023 Useful information for planning schooling shows. 
Scoresheet, EOH – MS Word
Scoresheet, EOH – PDF
Scoresheet, Speed – MS Word
Scoresheet, Speed – PDF
Scoresheet, Cattle, Individual – PDF
Scoresheet, Cattle, Team – PDF

Non-GIRA Scoresheets

Secretary can manually enter EOH and Speed obstacle data in advance, as well as competitor data.

Secretary manually enters Cattle trial competitor data.

Show Entries using Google Forms 3/24/2022 Instructions to create an online Working Equitation show entry form using a Google Form
TD Handbook 04/25/2024  A list of duties the Technical Delegate (TD) should complete at all licensed WE competitions. 
TD Report worksheet  7/21/23 TD can use this worksheet to keep track of information during a competition that can later be used when filing the online Technical Delegate Report Form.
Yellow Card  4/10/24 Judges, TDs, and Show Managers use this form to issue a Yellow Card as a warning to a competitor for incorrect behavior at a USAWE-licensed competition by the competitor and/or by a member of the competitor’s entourage.

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