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USAWE News Categories

USAWE Committee Reports

November 2022

Youth Committee The 2022 Eastern Zone Championships are a wrap! There were 8 entries in Youth Divisions at the Zone Championships and 4 entries in the licensed open show. 3 Youth riders also...

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October 2022

Youth Committee As we go into zones and other types of showing finals it is always a good opportunity for reflection, on your goals that were set for yourself this year, what was the result, and to...

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Sept 2022

Membership Committee USAWE Membership 983 (93 Juniors) Region 1: 256 Region 2: 259 Region 3: 75 Region 4: 56 Region 5: 122 Region 6: 128 Region 7: 75 International: 12 By: Olga Hendrickson,...

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USAWE Meeting Minutes

USAWE Member Spotlights

USAWE Newsletters

November 2022 E-News

President's Letter By: Barbara PriceYEAR-IN-REVIEW 2022 is nearly a wrap. Where did it go? It’s been a dynamic year and a privilege to serve USAWE as President. Looking back, two words come to mind:...

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October 2022 E-News

President's Letter By: Barbara PriceDear USAWE Members, “Though winter is coming and that means change, we know spring is just around the corner and soon the days will be long and warm again.” Yes,...

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Sept 2022 E-News

President's Letter By: Barbara PriceDear USAWE Members, It’s hard to believe fall is nearly here, and only a few months remain of our 2022 show season. Time flies when you’re busy. And the...

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USAWE Regional Reports

Region 1 Reports

R1 Oct. 2022

REGION 1 By: Heather Humelbaugh Greetings from Region 1! We are an active region and events continue throughout the rest of the year, Including a rated show this weekend at the Oregon Horse Center...

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R1 Sept. 2022

REGION 1 By: Heather Humelbaugh W.E. is rapidly gaining members and popularity across the country. It is so exciting to see the incredible growth across the country for our sport. This year USAWE is...

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R1 July 2022

REGION 1 By: Heather Humelbaugh Hello from Montana! Reporting to you from CNC 2022 where we are learning, meeting and sharing with W.E. enthusiasts from across the USA, and from multiple countries!...

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Region 2 Reports

R2 Nov. 2022

REGION 2 By: Robin Bond Region 2 is ramping up for the Western Zone Championship show in December! There are more than 60 entries at this time, with room for more at the fabulous facility in...

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R2 Oct. 2022

REGION 2 By: Robin Bond The 2022 Western Zone Championship is to be held December 8-11th at the beautiful Westworld of Scottsdale, Arizona, nestled at the base of the McDowell Mountains. This will...

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R2 July 2022

REGION 2 By: Robin Bond Region 2 has had a lot going on! The Judges’ Seminar at El Campeon Farms, Thousand Oaks, California was well attended. WAWE Judge Antonio Vicente, USAWE S Judges Nicole...

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Region 3 Reports

R3 Oct. 2022

REGION 3 By: Chris Stanko Region 3 is very sorry, very sad, and disappointed that the Central Zone Championship show had to be canceled. I personally would like to say THANK YOU to the show...

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R3 Sept. 2022

REGION 3 By: Chris Stanko Thank you to our volunteer team, sponsors and entrants for the Central Zone Championship Show. Unfortunately, we have not received enough entries to meet our budget. ...

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R3 August 2022

REGION 3 By: Chris Stanko August happenings Colorado 8/13 WE clinic at CH Equine in Brighton with Chris Stanko.  Full 8/25 World Championship recap and pot luck, contact Chris Stanko 8/26 WE clinic...

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Region 4 Reports

R4 July 2022

REGION 4 By: Kiki Pantaze Region 4 is excited about the Zone Championships that are taking place in Hutcherson, Kansas the week of October 20-23. It will be a fun show with prize money, two judges...

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R4 Jan. 2022

REGION 4 By: Kiki Pantaze The 22 season is shaping up to have a lot of opportunities in Texas and Oklahoma. This will give competitors a chance to qualify for the Central Zone Zone Championship show...

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R4 Sept. 2021

REGION 4 By: Kike Pantaze The fall is looking to be fantastic in Region 4 with the Haras Cup and IALHA events along with the Heart of Texas show series and schooling shows. The prize list for Haras...

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Region 5 Reports

R5 Nov. 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Snow is flying outside my window already here in southern Wisconsin, and it appears all licensed shows are wrapped up in our region… this year has flown by! Many of our R5...

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R5 August 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven It's hard to believe we are already in mid-August!  There are plenty of clinics and shows yet this year in our region to attend whether it be with your horse or to audit. ...

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R5 May 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Spring (and summer, so it seems) are in full swing, which means we are starting to see more clinics and shows here in Region 5!  If you haven’t already, check out and...

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Region 6 Reports

R6 Nov. 2022

REGION 6 By: Kim Hillyer As many of you know, we just finished our first Eastern Zone USA Working Equitation Championship.  It was held in Bulls Gap, Tennessee at the 3 Bulls Farm.  It was run by...

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R6 Oct. 2022

REGION 6 By: Kim Hillyer Hello Region 6 members!  Hopefully, everyone is doing well and getting to ride.  I have a couple of exciting things to report this month. The first being to Elections are...

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R6 August 2022

REGION 6 By: Kim Hillyer Hello members.  Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club is working hard to make the Eastern Zone Championship a fabulous experience for everyone.  The Affiliate Organizations...

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Region 7 Reports

R7 Oct. 2022

REGION 7 By: Rebecca Algar Region 7 would like to wish our newest affiliate, Delta Midsouth Working Equitation a warm welcome to our area, and much success! Congratulations to our members qualified...

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R7 July 2022

REGION 7 By: Rebecca Algar We have several events in Region 7 for August. First, July 23rd Clinic at Tailwinds Trails, Palm City, Florida. Southeast Baroque Horse shows will be hosting 2 licensed...

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R7 Feb. 2022

REGION 7 By: Rebecca Algar Region 7 has a lot of events planned for this year- training days, clinics, schooling shows and rated shows- all dates are on our Region 7 page. Our Zone Championship will...

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