Lauren Veta and Eddie Region 2 June 2024 Spotlight


Mary Young

Hello Region 2!!

We had quite the spring and a very exciting summer lays ahead of us! Remember everyone to stay well hydrated and cool, plenty of fly spray and electrolytes all around! 

If you have time in early July, do check out the USAWE Train to Win clinic with Jose Benito at the gorgeous El Campeon Farms in Thousand Oaks CA.  Promises to be a very educational three days of clinic and discussion for everyone. Check out more info here. USAWE Train to Win Clinic with Jose Benito |

In a new monthly addition, we are highlighting newer horse and rider pairs to WE. 

Meet Lauren Veta and Eddie! 

Working Equitation is entirely new to me as a lifelong Equestrian. I’m so glad my barn friend and adventure buddy, the newlywed Rachel Howell(Gackstetter), wrangled me into trying it! It is a wonderful challenge for me and my gelding, Back Road Invitation, aka Eddie.

Lauren Veta and Eddie Region 2 June 2024 Spotlight

Eddie is actually my barrel horse, whom I’ve brought into WE because he’s so versatile and the most work driven horse I’ve ever had the pleasure of swinging a leg over. I love the WE harmony between dressage and ease of handling so much, I was even training my OTTB mare to start in the WE and hope to see her show one day with her new owner and their trainer, Keeley Mircetic. 

Eddie and I just had our first show at Novice A and we’re hungry to learn more. Coming from the APHA/AQHA all-around to WE has been a wonderful challenge. WE has such a beautiful balance between the Dressage court and the Ease of Handling course. They are complimentary and an excellent way to challenge both the rider and horse. Eddie and I have made great friends and learned so much in just the  4 WE shows we have shown in, and we can’t wait to meet and learn more!

Also in news: I’m moving!!  Region 2 will therefore be looking for a new interim Director! Beginning mid July the position will be open. Any persons interested in applying please send in a declaration of intent to USAWE. It has been an honor and pleasure, however brief, in serving as your Region 2 representative! 

I wish you all beautiful rides this summer and always.

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