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USAWE Committee Reports

September 2021

Ethics Committee USAWE is a young organization, whose members come from all kinds of backgrounds, bound together into a community by our shared love of Working Equitation. The USAWE community is...

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August 2021

Membership Committee Current number of USAWE members: 1002 Number of members added in the past month: 18 Current number of Youth members: 98 Number of recorded horses: 2768 Number of Affiliate...

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July 2021

Membership Committee Membership Committee Report – as of July 21, 2021   Current number of USAWE members: 972 Number of members added in the past month: 43 Current number of Youth members: 95...

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USAWE Meeting Minutes

Elected Board – 2021

Transparency in a non-profit such as USA Working Equitation is important.  Members need an easy way to stay informed about the ongoing work of the organization. Below you will find links to our 2021...

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USAWE Member Spotlights

USAWE Newsletters

September 2021 E-News

This is an exciting time for our organization. Nearly a year has passed since WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation merged to form USAWE. As we begin our second election process with a call for candidates,

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August 2021 E-News

This year is flying by, and we are rapidly closing in on the time for another election! As per our bylaws, several USAWE Board of Director positions are opening up for 2022.

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July 2021 E-News

As USAWE moves into the second half of our first year I am amazed at how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished. But I’m also reminded of how new we are and how much we have left to do.

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USAWE Regional Reports

Region 1 Reports

R1 Sept. 2021

REGION 1 By: Kristine Strasburger I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the hosting team at the Big Sky Horse Park in Missoula, Montana for hosting a fantastic show weekend at the start of this...

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R1 August 2021

REGION 1 By: Kristine Strasburger Greetings Region 1 (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana)   Region 1 Affiliate Organizations Alaska We still don't have an AO in Alaska. I had a...

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R1 July 2021

REGION 1 By: Kristine Strasburger Hello to everyone in Region 1! I'm excited to announce Idaho has another Affiliate Organization to help promote Working Equitation in Southern Idaho! Welcome to...

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Region 2 Reports

R2 Sept. 2021

REGION 2 By: Robin Bond Hello USAWE members! Region 2 is buzzing with activity! Many of you have been showing to get qualifying scores for the Regional Championship Show. We would love to welcome...

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R2 August 2021

REGION 2 By: Robin Bond Region 2 members have been busy this summer! While there has been a reduction in show activity due to oppressive heat, wildfires, and a EHV-1 incident in Northern California,...

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Region 3 Reports

R3 August 2021

REGION 3 By: Cindy Branham Region 3 Represents CO, KS, NE, WY, ND, & SD.   Welcome to Region 3!Check the USAWE Calendar for upcoming Region 3 events. Cindy BranhamRegion 3...

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R3 July 2021

REGION 3 By: Cindy Branham Welcome to Region 3! Region 3 Represents CO, KS, NE, WY, ND, & SD. Check the USAWE Calendar for upcoming Region 3 events. Cindy BranhamRegion...

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R3 Jan. 2021

REGION 3 By: Cindy Branham Welcome to Region 3! Region 3 represents CO, KS, NE, WY, ND, & SD. As I write this newsletter column, it’s a cold snowy day in Kansas with 50-60 mile an hour winds!...

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Region 4 Reports

R4 Sept. 2021

REGION 4 By: Kike Pantaze The fall is looking to be fantastic in Region 4 with the Haras Cup and IALHA events along with the Heart of Texas show series and schooling shows. The prize list for Haras...

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R4 August 2021

REGION 4 By: Kiki Pantaze Hello, Members of Region 4! Things are ramping up for a fun Fall season of rated shows in Texas. I hope that some competitors from the other states in Region 4 and beyond...

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R4 July 2021

REGION 4 By: Kiki Pantaze Hello, Members of Region 4! Summer is sort of a down time in Region 4 due to the heat and this year, the rain. The new group in Shreveport, LA, had Doreen Atkinson in for...

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Region 5 Reports

R5 Sept. 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson So much Talent in region 5! I just wanted to highlight some recent accomplishments of our Region 5 members this year, because they are AWESOME! Kris Blacklock joins the ranks...

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R5 August 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Getting Ready for Regionals! Entries are open for the Region 5 Championships on October 22-25th at Hoosier Horse Park in Indiana! So far there are entries from...

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R5 July 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Hello WE Friends! Region 5 has been busy with shows and preparing for our first Regional Championship. On June 12 and 13, there was a show at Brecksville Stables in Ohio...

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Region 6 Reports

R6 Sept. 2021

REGION 6 By: Kim Hillyer Hello Region 6 members!  Well, it’s here!  This weekend (Sept 16 – 19) is Region 6’s Regional Championships and A rated show.  I am looking forward to seeing members from...

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R6 August 2021

REGION 6 By: Kimberly Hillyer Hello Region 6 members! It’s been a busy summer so far this year. Our region will have hosted 11 Rated USAWE shows this year so far as we close out the month of August!...

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R6 July 2021

REGION 6 By: Kimberly Hillyer Hello Region 6 members!  The weather has been very hot where I am, and it sure makes wanting to go out and sweat not so exciting.  At least we started to get some much...

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Region 7 Reports

R7 Sept. 2021

REGION 7 By: Rebecca Algar This is what's going on in Region 7 right now The Etowah Riding Club is having a 2nd Working Equitation Obstacle Phase Play Day on Saturday, September 25, 2021, from 10:00...

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R7 August 2021

REGION 7 By: Rebecca Algar It's too hot here in Region 7 and many events have been rescheduled! We are hoping to schedule a WE demo at the fabulous new World Equestrian Center later in the year, I...

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USAWE Logo design by Alexandra Crippen of Crippen Designs.

The logo represents the four trials of Working Equitation and highlights the diversity for which the sport is known in the United States. 

  • The first image depicts a mule, being ridden in western tack and attire in the Dressage trial.
  • The second image showcases an Iberian horse in traditional Iberian tack and attire performing in the EOH trial.
  • The third image shows a horse of indeterminate breeding and a rider in English tack and attire, competing in the Speed trial.
  • Together, all three riders represent a team competing together in the Cattle trial. Although the cow is not shown directly, the three teammates are working in concert. The image is intended to elicit the feeling of excitement and movement as the team moves their designated cow toward the holding pen to the far right, off the page. (Think of it as a "silent cow", much as the letter "e" at the end of a word is often referred to as "the silent 'e'" in recognition of its existence without being read aloud).

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