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USAWE Professional Instructors Program

USAWE needs dedicated Professional Instructors to continue growing the sport of Working Equitation.


We want you
to be a part of this
highly qualified
and recognized team!

About Our Professional Instructors Program

The USAWE Professional Instructors (PI) Program is designed to develop quality Working Equitation instructors.

The program requires skill in horsemanship, instruction, safety, and Working Equitation-specific education and experience.

The PI program ensures that recognized USAWE Professional Instructors have the necessary skill, knowledge, and integrity to guide riders as they advance through the levels of the sport and discipline of Working Equitation.

USAWE Professional Instructors have access to their fellow instructors via networking meetings, a USAWE website listing, and continuing education opportunities available only to USAWE Professional Instructors.

The First Step

Are you interested in becoming a USAWE Professional Instructor?

Please fill out the form to let us know!

You will receive PI program information, and be added to the Professional Development mailing list for ongoing information.

To complete the process, please request to be invoiced.

You will receive a $22 invoice from USAWE, which you can pay with Apple Pay, Credit Card or bank transfer.

Once you have filled out the form and paid the $22 invoice, a member of the Professional Instructors Program will reach out to you by email.

Professional Instructors help riders and horses more successful.

USA Working Equitation wants to help you share your passion and knowledge for the sport!

The Professional Development Committee is here to support you in your goal to become a Professional Instructor.

Questions? Email

Professional Instructor Code of Ethics

In providing a service to the working equitation community, I recognize the need to do so in a professional manner, interacting with the public and colleagues with the highest degree of integrity.

I will adhere to the following creed:

a. I will execute my duties without bias or prejudice.

b. I will ensure that every horse present at an event where I am instructing shall, at all times, be treated humanely, maintaining the welfare of the horse as paramount.

c. I will adhere to all relevant policies/procedures of USA Working Equitation (USAWE) while upholding the U.S. Rules for Working Equitation.

d. I will conduct business in a manner that will enhance the image of USAWE and the sport of Working Equitation.

e. I will avoid conflicts of interest, either real or perceived, whenever possible, and disclose conflicts of interest wherever they exist and cannot be avoided.

f. I will uphold the highest standard of professional behavior, recognizing that even the appearance of misconduct or impropriety can be very damaging to the reputation of USAWE as well as to my own reputation.

g. I understand the only title I may use is: “USAWE Professional Instructor”.


I understand and agree that USAWE has the right to investigate complaint(s) regarding alleged conduct. I will participate in the due process proceedings of the Ethics Committee.

I have a right to review all information, documents, photographs, or other evidence used to evaluate my performance in my official duty.

I will abide by the decision of the Ethics Committee once all
avenues of due process have been exhausted.

I understand that in order to maintain recognition as a USAWE Professional Instructor, I must maintain membership with USAWE and annually provide proof of membership, insurance, and continuing education as outlined in the Professional Development Program.

I will abide by the Social Media Policy.

By signing this document, I agree to be bound by this Code of Ethics and the Professional Development Program.

I understand that failure to do so could result in suspension and/or loss of recognition.

Downloadable Forms and Documents

Important USAWE Professional Instructors forms that can be downloaded in both PDF and Word doc when available.

Note:  If your document downloads in “Protected View” you will need to click the “Enable Editing” button located near the top menu of the document in the yellow warning strip before you can fill it out (see example below).


Type of download
Licensed Judge Log – PI PDF Word Doc
Reference Form – PI PDF Word Doc
Scribe Log – PI PDF Word Doc
Shadow Judge Log – PI PDF Word Doc
Shadow Volunteer Log – PI PDF Word Doc

Trade Show Grants


USAWE designed this to facilitate educating the equestrian community about the sport of Working Equitation. It will also promote USA Working Equitation (USAWE) by helping USAWE Professional Instructors presenting at large trade shows to offset expenses associated with attending the event.

The importance of qualified Professional Instructors is recognized throughout the equestrian world.

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