USAWE Member’s Horse Immortalized as Breyer Model

She can finally share her secret!

Breyer has immortalized Jill Barron’s horse, Cossaco, as a model ambassador of Working Equitation

By Virginia Aulin


Jill Barron is living every little girl’s dream. Breyer chose her beautiful Buckskin Lusitano, Cossaco, to feature in the 2024 Breyer collection. 

“I’m beyond excited. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own a Breyer horse,” says Jill, a diverse equestrian based in Hanna, AB, Canada, whose approach to training horses and riders blends classical techniques and natural horsemanship.  She coaches and competes around the world. 

Jill was sworn to secrecy after finding out in 2023 that Cossaco would be immortalized by Breyer. And she was delighted to finally be able to share the news with the world in January when the model horse became available for purchase.

Breyer notes, on the company website, that Jill and Cossaco are a beautiful example of the partnership that the Working Equitation discipline strives for.

“A true ambassador of his breed, Cossaco shows audiences what incredible partners Lusitanos are as he performs and rides in clinics with Jill. A highlight of their shared Working Equitation experiences has been performing for thousands at the National Western Stock Show. In addition to exhibitions and teaching, Cossaco and Jill are currently competing at Masters Level in Working Equitation. In 2022, they became Canada’s first Masters Working Equitation Champions!”

Foaled in Portugal, 17-year-old Cossaco started his career as a bullfighting horse. Jill met him at Haras Dos Cavalieros in Magnolia, TX. “The head trainer had me ride him during an exhibition cattle trial at Haras Cup,” Jill says. “He was the first Lusitano I ever rode.”

Jill developed a relationship with the team at Haras Dos Cavalieros and they shipped Cossaco to Jill in 2016 to promote the Lusitano breed and WE in Canada. “After showing him for a bit, I bought him. I couldn’t fathom the idea of him being ridden by anyone else. We formed a bond like no other.”

However, Jill adds, “It took me many years to get to where we are now. Lot of patience and trust building. I never thought we would make it to Masters WE or do the performances we do. We have overcome a lot of obstacles along our journey.”

credit Dark Horse Photography
credit Dark Horse Photography

Given their history, it’s fitting that Jill and Cossaco will head to Kentucky in July to attend Breyerfest, with the 2024 theme of: Against All Odds. Breyerfest is a three-days-long equine celebration featuring Breyer models and the real horses that inspired them. And the focus this year is sharing stories of triumph over adversity, advancement in the face of disbelief, and defying expectations at every turn. 

Jill says, “I am an eternal student of the horse. Cossaco will be the greatest teacher of my career. He has taught me about patience, timing, feel, love and so much more. We have weathered many storms together and stood on the edge of many new experiences that stretched both of our comfort zones. To say this horse is special to me is an understatement.”

They say the Luistano chooses their person. “Cossaco has definitely chosen me. He’s a one-person horse and really draws from me when I ride him. When I bought him, I knew he’d be with me the rest of his life,” says Jill.

He ignited Jill’s love for the Lusitano and she has now imported a five-year old buckskin stallion, Polo Dos Jeronimos, from Portugal. “I call him Jeronimo,” Jill says. “He will be standing at stud this year and will be used in all aspects of ranch work and be shown in Working Equitation.”

But Cossaco will always be at the center of her heart. “If you believe in fate, we were meant to be dance partners.”

“I owe so much to him,” Jill says. “And I’m excited to share him with the world as a Breyer horse.”


More About Jill:

Jill Barron has held a life-long devotion to horses and teaching. Obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Education has allowed her to marry her passions and she has since made the arena her classroom. Her love of horses has taken her all over the world and she has been fortunate to train in Portugal, Italy and Australia. Growing up on a working cattle ranch, horses were used for daily jobs. At a young age, Jill Barron realized the importance of a well-trained horse. She dedicated herself to being a student of the horse and gathering as much knowledge as she could.

She is a lifelong student of horsemanship and equitation. Jill believes horses have a universal language and our job as riders is to learn how to speak and understand this language. Through a blend of classical dressage techniques and natural horsemanship, her focus is encouraging a deeper connection between horse and rider. Jill is an International Working Equitation competitor, clinician and Judge. Her recent accomplishments include Championships at Haras Cup, Cross Nations Cup (Advanced), Andalusian World Cup (Advanced), Western Canada Regional Champion (Masters) and WEUSA National High Point Reserve Champion (Masters). She trains and teaches a diverse range of English and Western disciplines. A love of Working Equitation has led her to the Lusitano and she recently imported a Lusitano stallion to show and start a breeding program.

Jill’s love for the horse is infectious and her passion is helping horses with their people. The well-being of both horse and rider is of the utmost importance to her. Jill empowers riders by equipping them with the skills and confidence to perform their roles efficiently and to make decisions that align with training goals. She shares knowledge that is transformative, encourages a support network and embraces positivity.

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