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Horse Recording

All horses competing in any USAWE recognized competitions must be recorded with USAWE.

Currently, the recording fee is $20, and is valid for the LIFETIME of the horse. Horse recordings are transferable upon the sale of the horse.  If you are transferring horse ownership on a horse already recorded, please complete a Horse Recording Change Request.

Lifetime Horse Recording


Recording your horse is a 2-Step process

Step 1 – Record

~ Click the blue “Record Your Horse” button below.  Note:  If you are transferring horse ownership on a horse already recorded, please complete a Horse Recording Change Request

~ If you are registering more than one horse, repeat this process for each horse.

~ If your horse is registered, please email a copy of each breed registration to 

Step 2 – Pay

~ Click the blue “Pay For Horse Recording” button below.

~  To pay for all horses in a single transaction if you are recording multiple animals, increase your shopping cart quantity to match the number of horses being recorded.

HALT!  Rein back 3 to 5 steps.

Please don’t click the Step 2 button below unless you have already clicked the Step 1 button above.

Note: Chrome browsers tend to work best for payment processing.  Safari browser is recommended on iPhones.

If you are having problems with remitting payment, please contact the Secretary ( and request to be invoiced.  Thank you.

Horse Recording applications will not be processed without payment.
Horse recordings can be transferred for no charge upon the sale of the horse.


Horse Recording Changes

To request a change, please click the blue button below to submit a Horse Recording Change request.  There is no cost for this.

Questions?  Please contact Horse Recording at

USAWE Recorded Horses

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