CA: Working Equitation Clinic with Fred Bernardino


Working Equitation (WE) is a fun and exciting way to improve your riding tact, geometry, fluidity of transitions, contact, suppleness, connection to the horse, and your horse’s confidence.

Almost anyone can participate in this clinic on any type of horse and in any kind of tack. This clinic is best if you:

  • Want to take your first steps into the WE ring
  • Need to gain confidence in the saddle.
  • Want to switch up your horse’s routine to keep things fun.
  • Are looking to have serious improvements in your riding.

Frederico Bernardino is a rider and trainer from Portugal who grew up working side by side with working equitation champions as well as classical dressage legends like the Valenca family. During the past two years, he did tests in dressage and in WE in Portugal while working for World and European Champion David Oliveira and his brother European and Portuguese Champion and Reserve Portguguese Champion (respectively) Diogo Oliveira.

His goal is to help riders in his clinics understand WE through the original Portuguese aspect and for riders to have fun while doing it.

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