WI: Sunrise Ranch WE Clinic


Working Equitation Clinic at the Sunrise Ranch

In this single-day introductory clinic for those new to the sport of Working Equitation.

Morning sessions will focus on the Ease of Handling obstacle course with detailed explanations, demonstration, and practice. The goal is to give you and your horse confidence and goals for the execution of level 1 with an understanding of the differences in level 2. You will find that the skills you and your horse already have together will transfer very well into Working Equitation!
After a lunch break, the group will meet at the dressage area to become familiar with the expectations there. Both Level 1 & 2 will be discussed. Then the group will return to the EOH arena for further free practice with the obstacles, and for those more advanced, practice cantering work specific to the exciting speed trial in level 2.

This event will be followed by an SRR Member potluck please feel free to join in the food, fellowship, and fun!

The goal of this clinic is to introduce you and your horse to the sport in a way that you can confidently continue practice at home and be ready to join us again for the cattle clinic the next month.
If you are new to Working Equitation, it is highly recommended that you take time prior to this event to read over and become familiar with the WEUSA dressage tests and levels at https://usawe.org/dressage-trial/ and the Ease of Handling Trial (obstacles) at https://usawe.org/eoh-trial/. Prior familiarization to WE through on line study will help you retain the most in your time at the SRR in this clinic.

Adrienne Dymesich is an experienced classical foundation trainer and instructor, who has found Working Equitation ideal for advancing the skill of her students and as a complimentary tool to refine and demonstrate saddle horses in performance.

Come join us for this, the first of four weekends in the 2023 Working Equitation series at the Sunrise Ranch in Mason, Wisconsin. Private instruction dates may be scheduled either at the Sunrise Ranch or at your barn for those who cannot make this event.
Email or message me for the sign-up form for this event.

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