WI: Sunrise Ranch Schooling Show


We are excited to begin our season of Working Equitation events by having Emily Kemp

return for a Working Equitation Schooling show! This two-day event is the perfect way to

learn what this fun new sport is all about and practice taking part in a show in a relaxed

instructional way.

On Saturday, Emily will be offering private or small group lessons on which ever of the three

trials you wish to focus on. The Sunrise Ranch Ease of Handling course is designed

according to the official WE requirements and Emily Kemp will walk you through how to

accomplish each obstacle with excellence.

The new SRR dressage arena has a spectacular view of the White River Valley. Here Emily

will walk you through the new 2022 WE Dressage pattern or coach you in how to tackle the

cattle trial. Here at the Sunrise Ranch raises Scottish Highland cattle, and working them

from horseback is a skill we are enthusiastic to encourage through Working Equitation.

On Sunday you get to put all three phases together in the Schooling Show. Run like a

licensed show, the schooling show offers you and your horse the chance to experience

doing each part, Dressage, Ease of Handling, and Cattle Trial. You may even have a

“caller” guide you through the order of the course to support your navigation.

We will be limiting entries to this schooling show so be sure to sign up early. This is the

perfect fun weekend adventure for you and your riding friends!

Fill out the online form  to reserve your spot in the SRR Spring Schooling Show.


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