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SRR Working Equitation Cattle Clinic

In Working Equitation, Level 2 and up offers the cattle trial. It is one of the favorite trials of many WE riders and we look forward to preparing you and your horse to work together as partners and as a team in sorting and moving cows as outlined for the WE sport.

Starting unmounted we will act out a sorting on foot, enabling us to focus on the position in relation to the cow, the direction of focus for control, effective support riders, when to accelerate, and being in the right place at the right time. Then, moving slowly on our own experienced ranch mounts, we will help your horse gain confidence and show you how to work with your horse to move cattle effectively using the aids, focus, and timing.
This, the fourth Working Equitation trial, is unique in its riding application of yields, side passing, and rollbacks. We look forward to sharing the essential use of the aids and energy and how they apply to cow work.

This is an ideal opportunity to introduce your horse to cows if they have not had that opportunity yet, or to challenge them in accuracy in group work in accordance to USA WE rules. Please note, that the cattle trial is available only to Level 2 riders in the Working Equitaion rated shows. See the WE website for more.

Cattle Trial

There will also be ample time in the evening for you to free practice in the WE Ease of Handling (EOH) obstacle course.
This event will be followed by an SRR Member potluck please feel free to join in the food, fellowship, and fun!

The 2023 SRR Cattle Clinic is the second event in a series. We encourage you to check out the other WE events here and to take part in them all!

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