WA: WWVWE Presents Barbara Price Clinic/Schooling Show


This is a two-day event geared towards learning, going deeper into WE with Barbara Price, a past S WE Judge. Each rider will receive a semi-private dressage lesson. Then the dressage schooling show will follow to try out what we learned with feedback from Barbara. The same format for the EOH is followed. An extensive walk through of the EOH course helps us all better understand the obstacles and better ways to ride the course from a judge’s perspective.

Tentative Schedule

8:00 am Saturday morning, semi-private lessons.
1:30 pm Saturday afternoon, dressage schooling show.
4:00 pm Saturday later afternoon EOH course walk through.
6:00 pm Dinner at a restaurant.
8:00 am Sunday morning, semi-private EOH lessons.
1:30 pm Saturday afternoon, EOH schooling show.
Saturday later afternoon, Speed Schooling Show.

A limit of 10 riders to allow for semi-private lessons.

The facility has a lovely indoor arena, a warm-up arena that is covered, and stalls and electrical hook-ups for trailers.

We will all have dinner together Saturday night.

The cost is $425 per person for the clinic/schooling show.
Stalls are $20 a night.
Electrical hookups are $25.

We have just two spots left.

Event Details

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