WA: Cattle Working Clinic


Please join us, Robert and Janet Phinney, for a fun filled clinic in learning to think like a cow and working as a team with your horse and others to safely and confidently maneuver your cow into the pen.

Experience reading and moving cattle so that they learn to be responsive, and good natured, regarding the cow and the horse.

Learn the moves required with your horse to get your cow into the pen, so, back to good horsemanship without the cow.

Ground beef: This is time where you work the cow from the ground, learning how to read and move them and even draw them your way. And how to use team work to get the job done more efficiently.

Making time to build confidence for both you and your horse.

Lastly mounted and bringing it all together. Experience proper positioning, angle of your horse and body language of both you and your horse, and how beneficial it can be in moving cattle.

Learning to work with cattle in this way develops skills that will build confidence in both you and your horse. We start moving very slowly and increase the speed as you and your horse improve your maneuverability and cattle reading skills. In cattle work, the cattle, horse and rider come first, before the competition.

Prior cattle or working equitation experience welcome but not necessary. We are very good at helping you and your horse to be comfortable with cattle.

The clinic starts at 5:00pm on the 4th with dinner and discussion together and ends at 5:00 on the 6th.

Each Day:
9-12 morning sessions
12-1:30 lunch
1:30 – 4:30 afternoon session.
6:00pm dinner and discussion on Saturday and Sunday if you choose to leave Monday morning.

Sessions will vary but will include horsemanship maneuvers, reading cattle on foot, discussions, sorting and working as a team to cut and pen your cow.

Cost: $400 and includes a pen for your horse and a dry camping spot for your trailer or tent. Shower, outdoor kitchen, outhouse available.

Only 6 participants.

To Register email or call Janet Phinney at Hello@InspiredHorseman.com or (500)520-7599.

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