OR: March Show


This will be a B-Rated Working Equitation competition, licensed by USA Working Equitation.

Entry Fee: $250 to participate.

(IF we have few enough entries to make two shows possible, those who have indicated a desire to participate in both shows on this online entry will be added to the 2nd show based on the time/date on which their online entry was submitted. If we end up having two shows, it will cost an additional $100 to add the 2nd show).

Tack Stall: $100

(OHC Boarders who do not need stabling can request a $100 discount because they don’t need a stall)

Just-for-fun Leadline modified Ease of Handling: $10

Entry fees include first bag of shavings, and stabling from Friday, 3 pm (honestly — NO EARLIER — if you arrive prior to 4 pm on Friday, please plan to pay a ‘haul in fee’ to OHC and amuse yourself in the main facility rather than coming to the Prairie Arena). Additional bags of shavings can be purchased on site for $10/bag.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE SHAVINGS IN — we are charged an extra $35 per stall if any outside shavings are used.

Camping is available on site — please make reservations directly with the Oregon Horse Center if you are planning to camp (we do not handle the camping spot reservations at all).

Judge: Polly Limond, S, California

Due to COVID-19, if you feel at all unwell, please stay home. Also, masks will be required at all times when inside buildings (except when actually mounted on your horse) and whenever you are unable to maintain at least six feet distance from others. Outside stalls will be available for anyone who is unable to wear a mask for health reasons.

Full refunds will be granted for anyone who sends a statement in writing to me requesting a refund and explaining that they are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or that they have tested positive for the virus and have been advised to quarantine during the time the show will be held. No other refunds will be given (including for people who are unable to participate due to inclement weather, vehicle trouble, veterinary issues, personal injury, etc.). This policy is in place to help make it possible for me to continue to offer these events without risking my personal savings each time (I price the shows to break even, so when people take a spot and then decide not to participate, I end up needing to cover the cost associated with their entry myself; I can’t keep doing that). – Julie


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