NC: Clinic and Schooling Show


Join our clinician, Jody Fontanetta (“L” candidate for the USAWE judge’s program and a USAWE Recognized Coach), for a private or a small group lesson, either Friday afternoon or on Saturday, focusing on how the principles of classical dressage apply to Working Equitation. Private lessons will be for a 30-minute duration, a pair of teams will ride for an hour, and three riders for 90 minutes. Friday afternoon’s clinic lessons are reserved for adult riders. Auditors are encouraged – $20/person.

The clinic is followed by a Working Equitation schooling show on Sunday (dressage, Ease of Handling and Speed trials, Levels 1-3) conducted and judged in accordance with rules of USA Working Equitation, with an allowance made for disqualifications. No rider will be disqualified for an error made on course but instead will be given a “zero” for that obstacle with an explanation provided of what was done to typically receive a DQ.


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