IN: Region 5 Championship & A-Rated Show!


Judges: Nicole Chastain Price (S), California and Cari Schwartz (R), Oregon
Technical Delegate: Aimee Zeller, Kentucky
Paddock Steward: Sharon Kinney
Show Manager & Secretary: Julie Alonzo
Scribes: Lori Fisher РWisconsin & Hilarie Bash Zarazua, Michigan

Volunteer(s): Paula Arbuthnot and friend from Missouri!

Arena Crew – Looking for 2 volunteers!

Championship License #21-099(p)
A-Rated Show License #21-103(p)

FRIDAY – Move in & Veterinary Inspection
SATURDAY – All Dressage & Some EOH
SUNDAY – Finish EOH, all Speed, Awards Ceremony
MONDAY – Move out (you may leave earlier if you would like)

Stalls will be available at 10 AM on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Veterinary Inspection will take place on Friday, October 22 between 3 and 6 pm.

The veterinary inspection is intended to ensure that all horses are suitably sound and healthy to compete. For the veterinary inspection, please bring your horse as well as its valid health certificate and Coggin’s paperwork. You will present the horse in hand for the vet to inspect, and will then walk away from the judge for approximately 150 feet, then walk back to the judge, then trot away from the judge and back to the judge. The veterinarian reserves the right to take temperatures and might request that you lunge the horse on a circle to confirm soundness.

AWARDS CEREMONY – in show clothes, with horses for photos, please. Regional Championships are a BIG DEAL!

Championship – neck sashes for overall placings, Champion – 6th place in each level and division.

A-Rated Show – rosettes 1st – 5th for overall placings in each level and division.

Levels Offered:
Introductory – Masters

Divisions Offered:
Junior, Amateur, Open

Two “Best Turned-Out Horse/Rider” awards will be selected by the two judges: one for English and the other for Western riders. The winner of the English award will receive a beautiful Dressage-style English Show Pad. The winner of the Western award will receive a beautiful Western Show Pad.

Additional physical prizes (embroidered items, prize baskets, hand-crafted pottery, etc.) are currently being identified and will be added to this description by September 1.

Entry Fees – CHAMPIONSHIP Classes: $500 – Includes your stall (available from Friday – Monday, same cost) and entry fee
Entry Fees – Non-Championship Classes: $300 – Includes stall (available from Friday – Monday, same cost) and entry fee
If you are sharing a horse with another rider, you can deduct $100 from one of the horse’s entry fees (because the stall doesn’t need to be paid twice)
Extra Stall(s): Available for $100
(Discount of $50 for those driving 500 or more miles one way to attend. If you qualify for this discount, please add info about where you’re driving from in the “comment” box at the end of the entry.)

RV spots are available for $25 per night — you will arrange and pay for these directly through the Hoosier Horse Park.

Stalls must be fully cleaned out prior to your departure. If you would prefer to pay a $50 cleaning fee (rather than clean your own), please indicate that on your online entry.

Show participants may pre-order bedding the week of the event by calling 812-526-6809. Any pre-orders must be called in by 4pm on the Thursday prior to your event. Pre-orders must provide a Barn and Stall number to our staff and be paid via credit card over the phone when ordered. Please note that there is a fee associated with credit card use. Pre-orders will be placed in the appropriate stall before your arrival at HHP. Call ahead orders from participants will be accepted based on availability of staff. HHP staff will be available on Friday-Sunday during office hours to take bedding orders in addition to pre-orders.

To compete in a Regional Championship, Horse/Rider pair must have earned an average of 58% or higher combined Dressage and EOH score, without disqualifying in Speed (Novice A and above) at a USAWE licensed competition held in Region 5 in the 2019-2021 Competition Year(s). Qualifying score must have been earned at the level being entered. There are no qualification requirements to compete in the A-Rated Show.

ENTRIES CLOSE October 1, 2021
If you have not yet qualified to compete in the Championship but would like to hold your spot, please enter now. If you are unable to earn a qualifying score prior to the Championship, you will be given the option of participating in a non-Championship class instead so you can still be there to enjoy the event.


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