Committee Reports: October 2022

Youth Committee

As we go into zones and other types of showing finals it is always a good opportunity for reflection, on your goals that were set for yourself this year, what was the result, and to make a plan for next year. Maybe you want to qualify for the zone show? Perhaps be in the top 5 in the region, or nationally? Maybe it is a smaller goal (although equally important) like getting around the dressage ring without a reader for your test, or mastering the bull line. 

Whatever your goals are it is always best to get into the details and nitty gritty of what you want. What I mean by that is, know the fine print. To use some of the above examples:

To qualify for zones (at least in 2022) you need two scores at rated competitions that are complete and a complete average of 58%. That means no DQ’s. Knowing this ahead of time helps you to plan out your season and make the best choices possible. 

To master the bull line you have to know how it is judged, so reading the rule book will help you gain insight to this, as well as reading the comments on your tests! 

Don’t just leave all the little details to the adults (although they can definitely help!) take the time to learn it for yourself and you will understand it all the more! 


By: Alex Tyson, Youth Committee Chair

Rules Committee

August 13, 2021

August 1st was the cutoff date for change proposals to the Rulebook. This year we accumulated a total of 90 change proposals, and the committee is carefully and methodically going through each and every one of them. The change in show structure (removing the option for A-Rated shows and creating the Eastern, Central, and Western Championships) will also be incorporated in this next revision. The goal is to have the book ready to roll out no later than November 1st to give everyone a chance to get familiar with the changes prior to the start of the new competition year on December 1st.

Affiliate Organizations Committee

ACTION ITEM for all adult USAWE members!

USAWE Affiliate Organizations are some of our most important local “boots-on-the-ground” promoters and providers of Working Equitation events.  You may have participated in a local Working Equitation event or show that was organized by a USAWE Affiliate Organization in 2022.  Even if you did not participate in or interact with your local Affiliate Organization in 2022, you still have a chance to help your local Affiliate Organization through the USAWE Member Designated Funds program.  When you joined USAWE in 2022, $5 of your USAWE dues was earmarked for this program.  You have the opportunity to indicate which USAWE Affiliate Organization should receive those funds on the upcoming Elections ballot you will be receiving on November 1.  Don’t pass up this chance to support the USAWE Affiliate Organization of your choice. These USAWE Member Designated Funds are valuable and helpful to the recipient Affiliate Organizations, allowing them to continue to offer Working Equitation events at the local level.  Thank you for taking the time to support your local AO by choosing them to receive your Member Designated Funds when you vote in the USAWE 2022 election!

By Kristine Strasburger, Affiliate Organizations Committee Chair

Coaches Network

Coaches in your region

Region 1
Trisha Kiefer-Reed of Wolf Creek, MT

Region 2
Ashley Bowers of Cave Creek, AZ
Tessa Nicolet of Payson, AZ
Jessica Mosbaugh of Fiddletown, CA
Polly Limond of San Diego, CA
Sue Watkins of Riverside, CA

Region 3
Chris Stanko of Niwot, CO

Region 5
Emily Kemp of Newton, WI
Michelle Lackey of Medina, OH
Erica Peet of Wonder Lake, IL

Region 6
Bree Sprik of Ancramdale, NY
Holly Linz of Woodbine, MD
Stephanie Hayes of Johnson, VT

To learn more about our coaches or how to become a coach visit:

Get To Know A Recognized USAWE Coach

Emily Kemp Newton, WI

What inspires you to be a Working Equitation Coach?

I absolutely love the sport and the versatility that it develops in horses. Also, WE seems to attract great people who cheer on and encourage their competitors.

What is your favorite obstacle? Why?

The Slaloms are, in my opinion, the most challenging. However, I see great changes in riders & horses when they learn how to properly ride through and maneuver the gate in the early levels.

What’s your best tip for competitors heading into the show ring?

Do your best but most importantly have fun! Imagine you are riding for a good friend and not being judged…it takes a lot of pressure off.

What’s your favorite trick for remembering WE courses?

I memorize the number & the obstacle. Then I practice envisioning every moment of the ride from the first salute in the beginning to the final salute at the end.

Your all time favorite WE horse?

I was definitely super inspired early on by Pedro Torres’ horse Oxiado and their amazing partnership.

What would your students say is your catchphrase?

I don’t have enough space to explain the depth of it here but it would be- Don’t forget to give your horse “thank you” moments while you ride.

What non-equestrian activities do you love to do?

I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, biking, dog training, and Taekwondo.


Thanks for the great information, Emily!

Learn more about Emily and all our coaches at:

Check back next month to learn about our next featured coach from our diverse network!

By: Coaches Network Committee

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