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What’s New?

    A ‘Decisions by Mail or Email’ category was added to the website > Corporate > Records > Meeting Minutes to capture decisions made between board meetings. The following motions were approved via email:

    Decisions by Email February 3

    • 2/3/23 – Approve the 2023 Eastern Zone Championship Show proposal submitted by New England Working Equitation.  Show to be held September 21-24, 2023 at the Diamond 7 Ranch and Arena in Dillsburg, PA.

    Decisions by Email February 6

    • Authorize the use of software to score and place practice, schooling and licensed working equitation shows and rank regional and national leaderboards.
    • Authorize WordPress account for website administration.
    • Authorize Google Analytics account for analyzing website usage.
    • Authorize Google Suite account for USA Working Equitation corporate and committee usage (G-Mail, G-Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.)
    • Authorize YouTube account for USA Working Equitation corporate and committee usage.

    Decisions by Email February 8

    • Approve the expenditure by the Awards Committee of an amount not to exceed $6500 for the purchase of 2022 year-end awards.
    By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

    February Motions Passed

      The following motions were passed at the regular Board meeting held February 8, 2023.

      A complete Log of Motions Passed (2020 to date) is posted to > Corporate > Records

      February 8 Board of Directors Meeting

      • Introduce a “Donate to the Youth Championship Show Scholarship Fund” button on the USAWE website. 
      • Appoint a task force to annually review the USAWE Bylaws, update to reflect approved changes from Policies and Procedures document revision(s), revise wording where necessary for clarity, and submit a proposed amendment(s) to the BOD and USAWE membership for review/approval.
      • Appoint Kris Blacklock (Secretary), Jeanne Bond (R6), Kristine Strasburger (R3), Leslie Martien (R3) to the USAWE Bylaws Task Force.
      • Add a step to the USA Working Equitation Policies and Procedures for Directors and Committee Chairs to annually review content in the USAWE Policies and Procedures document, generate new procedures as required, revise existing procedures as necessary to accommodate USAWE’s day-to-day operations and future growth, and submit a proposed revision(s) to the BOD for review/approval.
      • Appoint Aimee Miller (R2) and Shannon Yee (R2) as members on the Membership Committee, effective immediately.
      • Appoint Heather Humelbaugh, Region 1 Director, as member of the Ethics Committee, effective immediately.
      • Appoint Leesa Nero (R7) and Brittany Flowers (R1) as Co-Chairs of the Financial Oversight Committee, effective immediately.
      • Appoint Michelle Lackey (R5) as member of the USAWE Coaches Network Committee, effective immediately.
      • Decline Ontario Society for Working Equitation’s request to use USA Rules for Working Equitation. Each country shall develop and follow their own rules for domestic competitions; use WAWE rules when competing internationally.
      • Approve the 2023 Licensed Officials Ease of Handling Seminar Proposal and $21,954 Budget for the educational event to be held in Woodstock IL. Clinicians to be WAWE Judge and USAWE ‘S’; with assistance from USAWE ‘S’ Judge as translator, technical advisor and scribe.
      • Establish and approve an $9,750.00 annual budget for the Marketing and Promotion Committee, effective immediately.
      • All USAWE, Board of Director (BOD) and Committee created intellectual information is the property of USA Working Equitation and this Information Property (i.e., corporate records, user guides, manuals, instructions, etc.) and will cite USAWE, BOD Position or Committee Name and corporate email address (not personal name or contact information) as the point of contact. If the author doesn’t have a corporate email address, then use as the point of contact.  Originals to be filed within the appropriate USAWE, BOD or Committee Corporate G-Drive folder (not on a personal device).
      • Adopt ‘Different Levels of USAWE Service’ (Board of Directors, Board Committees, Assistants to Committees) and add this information to the USA Working Equitation Policies and Procedures, effective immediately.
      • Update Policies and Procedures > 1.3.9 Annual Statements to include Assistants to Committees

      Each director, principal officer, member of and assistant to committee shall sign statements which affirm such person:

      1. Has received a copy of the Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics, and Social Media policies,
      2. Has read and understands the policies,
      3. Has agreed to comply with the policies, and
      4. Understands that the corporation is charitable and in order to maintain its federal tax exemption it must engage primarily in activities which accomplish one or more of its tax-exempt purposes.

      February 16 Executive Committee Meeting (Full Board of Directors)

      • Appoint Robin Bond(Picture) to fill the remaining term as At-Large Director 1 through November 30, 2023.
      • Appoint Jane Renner, Chair, Elections Committee, effective immediately.

      Appoint a task force to annually review the USAWE Bylaws, update to reflect approved changes from Policies and Procedures document revision(s), revise wording where necessary for clarity, and submit a proposed amendment(s) to the BOD and USAWE membership for review/approval.

      Note: If you have any suggested amendments to the Bylaws, please submit your proposed changes with the Bylaws and Policy/Procedure Change Proposal Form located on > Corporate > Records.  The BOD wishes to ensure USAWE Bylaws and Policies and Procedures are up-to-date and understandable.


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

      Corporate Meetings

      The Board of Directors (BOD) meeting is scheduled 5:00-6:30 pm Pacific time the 2nd Wednesday of each month and will take place via Zoom.  All USAWE Members in good standing are welcome to attend as a silent participant.

      Next meeting is scheduled Wednesday March 8, 2023 5:00-6:30 pm Pacific time and will take place virtually via Zoom.

      Please contact Secretary Kris Blacklock ( at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting if you would like the Zoom meeting room access information. Requests for access arriving less than 24 hours prior to the meeting are not guaranteed a response.

      BOD agendas and meeting minutes are posted to > Corporate > Records > Meeting Minutes >

      A Log of Motions Passed is posted to > Corporate > Records


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

      2023 Annual Members Meeting

      Thank you to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Membership for attending the 2023 Annual Members Meeting held virtually Saturday February 4, 2023 via Zoom Webinar.  In case you missed the meeting or would like to re-review the discussion topics, please visit > Corporate > Records > Meeting Minutes > Annual Member Minutes for the meeting Agenda, Presentation, Recording (1 hr. 40 min.) and Minutes.  Next meeting is scheduled, virtually via Zoom, Saturday February 3, 2024 . The meeting day and time is predetermined and mandated by USAWE’s Bylaws.  All current USAWE members in good standing are invited. 


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

      USAWE Volunteers

      Our organization can only succeed with the help of our volunteers. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for appointment to one of our volunteer committees by completing the USAWE Members Interested in Volunteering and Serving Form located on the website > Community > Committees and Task Forces


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

      Region 3 Director

      On February 8, 2023, Linda Frazier (KS) was appointed to fill the Region 3 Director position (formerly held by Chris Stanko who was appointed USAWE President on January 25, 2023).  As Region Director 3, Linda’s term will run through November 30, 2023.  Linda brings a fresh perspective to the role and has been an integral part of Region 3.  She brings vast experience to this role as a show organizer, trainer, competitor and active Affiliate Organization (AO) leader who encourages and supports grassroots working equitation growth in Kansas and Nebraska plus partners members in Colorado. Feel free to contact Linda at


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

      At Large Director Appointment

      Trisha Kiefer-Reed resigned from her position as At-Large Director 1 on February 8, 2023 .  We thank her greatly for her contributions to the organization and wish her the best as she steps away from this role. In accordance with the Bylaws of USA Working Equitation, on February 16, 2023, Robin Bond (former Region 2 Director) was appointed by the Board of Directors to fill the remaining term of At-Large Director 1 through November 30, 2023.  Robin brings tenured experience to this role as she was re-elected to the Regional Director 2 position in 2022 plus offers professional working equitation credentials, experience and level headed leadership needed for this position.  She is a competent trainer, competitor and actively promotes working equitation at clinics, horse symposiums and through social media.  Please join the board in welcoming Robin to this position which, along with At-Large Director 2, Stephanie Hayes, represents the entire membership (including International members).  Robin can be reached at


      By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

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