Rebecca Gabel


Rebecca Gabel

My name is Rebecca Stankiewicz Gabel. I’m from Mt. Airy, Maryland, where I live with my 12-year-old Paso Fino gelding, Alegre. It is our first year competing in recognized WE shows, and we are excited about qualifying for the Region 6 champs at level 1. We hope to see many of you there!

Alegre and I found Working Equitation last year and were immediately hooked. We participated in a schooling show series at the beautiful Oak Spring Equestrian, LLC in Woodbine, MD, winning the level 1 series jacket. We were thrilled to find a sport that celebrates my passion, Dressage, provides a mental challenge to my clever pony, and accepts gaited horses.

We are having a fantastic season as members of OSEWE, an affiliate organization in Maryland. Through this wonderful organization, we have attended multiple clinics and found a fantastic group to travel and show with. OSEWE allowed me to meet others interested in Working Equitation and even gave Alegre and I the opportunity to work some cattle.

Alegre and I previously competed in gaited dressage, where he was the 2015 high point Dressage Paso Fino. We have also played polocrosse and love to spend our days trail riding. Alegre fills his free time by having fun with the kids. This year he competed at the MD Region Pony Club Games and Tetrathlon rallies.

Our favorite obstacle is the gate, despite some of the difficulties we’ve had with it. Our first show we received a negative score on this obstacle. However, with the encouragement of my OSEWE teammates, we broke down the obstacle into its individual movements. Eventually, we conquered the gate and have been getting decent scores. The other day, while walking Alegre out on a loose rein, he walked up to his pasture gate, turned on the fore, and parked next to the latch. Naturally, I finished the obstacle, untacked him, and let him loose in the field.

As for goals in Working Equitation, we are working on our pewter medal this year and plan to work up the levels. I am looking forward to seeing how far a 13.2 hand gaited horse can make it in this sport.

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