WE Post: R4 Jan. 2021

R4 Jan. 2021

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By: Kiki Pantaze

I am happy to report that many areas of Region 4 are experiencing interest and growth. It sounds like the upcoming clinics are going to be well attended with new participants who are keen to get going in Working Equitation.

I would like to take this opportunity to challenge the members of Region 4 to help with our growth. The challenge is for you to get at least one new member to join or get someone who has not been a member of a WE association in the last 2 years to renew.

I would like to keep track of this effort, so please let me know if you are able to encourage people to sign up. More members in Region 4 will make our shows larger and more exciting. More importantly, larger events will encourage organizers to continue hosting. You can direct people interested in joining USAWE to our easy membership portal at https://usawe.org/membership/ .

REGION 4 SCHEDULE as of January 17:
Competitions listed in blue have not yet applied for licensing and are listed here as a courtesy to our members who are working on planning their schedules. Please verify the licensing status of these shows on the Competitions page on our website prior to entering.

January 30-31 — Highlander Ranch clinic, Waco, TX
February 6-7 — Sandhaven Performance Horses clinic, McDade, TX
February 20-21 — Clinic in Shreveport, LA
February 27 — Heart of Texas WE Series #1, Highlander Ranch, Waco, TX
March 27-28 — Heart of Texas WE Series #2, Taylor, TX
April 10-11 — Haras Dos Cavaleiros, Magnolia, TX
May 1 — Sandhaven (Schooling show), McDade, TX
May 22 — Heart of Texas WE Series #3, Watts Way, Chapel Hill, TX
June 12 — Sandhaven (Schooling show), McDade, TX
October 22-24 — Haras Dos Cavaleiros, Magnolia, TX
November 6 — Sandhaven (Schooling show), McDade, TX

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or would just like to chat. Like our Region 4 Facebook page at USA Working Equitation – Region 4.

Kiki Pantaze

512-924-7566 or R4Director@usawe.org

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