WE Post: R3 Oct. 2022

R3 Oct. 2022

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By: Chris Stanko

Region 3 is very sorry, very sad, and disappointed that the Central Zone Championship show had to be canceled. I personally would like to say THANK YOU to the show committee for all your hard work and commitment in organizing and preparing for this show. Many hours, many ideas and many people worked endlessly to the very last minute when the decision had to be made. The decision to cancel was a hard decision to make. It was not taken lightly. Central Zone is the largest zone with close to the smallest contingent of competitors in the country. With the cost of fuel and everything else people had to decide which zone to go to since the zones are open to anyone. Of course it makes sense to attend the Zone Show that is the closest to the competitors homes. When the entry deadline came and went and the competitor numbers were not there the decision had to be made.

Region 3 wishes the BEST OF LUCK to the other Zone Shows and I thank you for reaching out to the Central Zone riders and inviting them to show in your shows.

We are finished with our show season for 2022. It was short and the weather created havoc. We had our ups and downs this season but persevered. HCWE is working to regrow our WE family. We are now preparing for our end of the year awards party and general meeting. We have big plans for 2023

Finished with the 2022 show season. Making plans for 2023. Thank you to our volunteer team, sponsors and entrants for the Central Zone Championship Show. Unfortunately, we have not received enough entries to meet our budget.  Competitor refunds will be issued and sponsors will be contacted.

A special thank you Kansas riders and volunteers who stepped up to make it go – unfortunately we came up short this year with many contributing factors.  We look forward to the 2023 Central Zone Championship.

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