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R3 Jan. 2022


By: Chris Stanko

Hello and Happy New Year!

My name is Chris Stanko. I am your 2022 Region 3 Director, a USAWE Coach, USAWE TD and President of High Country Working Equitation and a USAWE competitor. I live in Niwot Colorado. 

With Covid 19 the last 2 years our WE family has dwindled quite a bit. HCWE is working hard to get people involved again. We have held and are holding clinics in private facilities to spread the word and give people a taste of Working Equitation. These clinics are for riders who have never ever tried WE. We offer these clinics at no charge for about 2 hours. By doing this we hope to get some more people involved.

My hope is to start up conversations with other states in region 3 as well as other regions across the nation to support one another in any way we can. Communication is key! Please join me in getting the ball rolling and promote Working Equitation across the country!

Upcoming Events


January 29th – HCWE has a clinic at Hobby Horse to introduce WE(I heard there are 19 people signed up)

January 30th – HCWE has our 2022 kick off party and membership drive at Circle Star Arena

January 16th- Play day at Plane View Farm

AO Listings

High Country Working Equitation

Working Equitation Kansas

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303

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