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R3 April 2023


By: Linda Frazier

Please contact me for questions you may have for getting involved in our Region.

Linda Frazier

AO Updates & News

Working Equitation Kansas

Our first three Intro Clinics to WE were very well attended. We had around 28 total riders and a variety of new horses: a Mustang, Percheron/Belgium cross and a Donkey.

The next three months events:

Kansas Kickoff  USAWE Rated Show- Salina, Ks- April 22-23rd
Amy Star- USAWE R Judge
Rachel Sherck-

WEKS- W.E. Clinic- Hutchinson, Ks, May 6
Clinician: Marie Maloney USAWE L Judge.
Linda Frazier-

WEKS- Cattle Clinic- Udall, Ks May 27-28th
Cyndi Harris-

USAWE Rated Show- Hutchinson, Ks. June 10-11
Amy Star-USAWE R Judge
Linda Frazier-

USAWE Schooling Show- Hutchinson, Ks. June 10-11
Marie Maloney-USAWE  L Judge
Linda Frazier-

Check out our complete 2023 calendar of shows and clinics

High Country Working Equitation

Nebraska Heartland Working Equitation

To all USAWE members, do you know of anyone living in Nebraska who might be interested in Working Equitation (friends, family, etc.)?  If so, please pass along my contact info, and encourage them to get in touch with me.  I am willing to travel anywhere in the state of Nebraska to build interest in the sport of Working Equitation.  I can bring a horseless, or mounted clinic to any group interested in learning more and giving Working Equitation a try.

Kristine Strasburger
Nebraska Heartland Working Equitation
(208) 818-0400

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303

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