Regional Reports

R2 Oct. 2021


By: Robin Bond
Hello USAWE members!

With the weather cooling off rapidly, Region 2 has a flurry of year end activity.

First, the Region 2 Championship Show:

A  huge thank you to Amanda Latta Portillo and Cheryl Croasmun for taking a bull by the horns and ramrodding our Regional Championship Show at the Wine Country Classic Show, Galway Downs, Temecula, CA. This was a monumental undertaking, and the skills of these two ladies brought it all together.

Amanda Latta Portillo

Cheryl Croasmun

Another thank you to our sponsors, without whom there would have been no show:


Provenance Dressage
Show Horses
Robin Bond Equine
Rancho Descanso Valley Center
Amandalusian Farm
Hacienda Laubela
Tilley Andalusians
El Campeón Farms & Christy Reich
Torre Pinon Farms
Susan Cox
Studio Thornrose
Darlene Adlredge
Elena Juarez
Lori Ovanessian
Rancho de Felicidad
Michele Purpora-Tardi
Joanne Asman


Professional Choice


Wilson Creek:  Thank you for donating the Sparkling Wine and wine tasting tickets to each of our exhibitors.

Horseman’s News: Pick up a copy at the show office

Dressage Extensions:  Gift Cards

Mrs. Pasture’s Horse Cookies in Exhibitor Bags

Equiderma: Samples in Exhibitor Bags and Awards

Kristan Cicero

There are way more folks to thank, show staff, Galway Downs staff, and volunteers, but mostly I would like to thank the competitors. There were 36 entries in the Championship and 8 in the A rated show. These entries, combined with the entries for the rail show held concurrently in a separate arena, made it possible to have a bigger and better show than we had originally hoped.

There was stiff competition followed by camaraderie in the form of evening gatherings including the Wine Country Crush Barn Party. Fun was had by all, and the gathering of WE folks sharing hospitality led to many exchanges of technique and training. It also allowed many of us to see friends from afar who we haven’t seen in a long while. As a special treat, Joao Ralao Duarte of Portugal was able to fit some Lusitano stallion revisions in between our classes.

Next year, the Wine Country group will hold a spring show as well as the autumn show, so look forward to more fun to come!


Second, Affiliate Organizations:

NorCal Working Equitation, (contact Jessica Mosbaugh) and Poway Valley Riders Association, (contact Janice Kall) have become official Affiliate Organizations! Welcome!


Third, Calendar:

We are down to the wire, and there are a few more showing opportunities to get some more practice or points!

PVRA October 17, Poway CA

Patterson Training, October 30, Payson, AZ

NorCal WE  November 6-7, Rancho Murieta, CA

RDVC November 6, Valley Center, CA

Unforgiven Ranch November 27-28, Kingman, AZ


If you are planning a WE Show in Region 2 for 2022, please email me at and I can help you coordinate with others who may not already have an official date.

Please remember to vote in the upcoming election!

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