WE Post: R1 Sept. 2022

R1 Sept. 2022

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By: Heather Humelbaugh

W.E. is rapidly gaining members and popularity across the country. It is so exciting to see the incredible growth across the country for our sport.

This year USAWE is debuting ‘Zone Championships’. The Western Zone Championship (regions 1 & 2) is ready to roll in December in Scottsdale, Arizona and the 2023 proposals are in, have been inspected and the location will be announced very soon. If you have qualified for the zone championships; congratulations! (My big man Mojo qualified at L4 and I am super proud of my big chocolate lab, disguised as a horse, for getting me those scores). 

Your committee volunteers and board of directors have been working hard to improve the organization as a whole, which this year includes the formation of a task force dedicated to researching and organizing a process for fielding an international level team. That is incredibly exciting!

Please keep a lookout on the calendar of events for new, expanded opportunities for W.E. clinics and competitions in Idaho, Montana and Washington as our own area expands its footprint. Idaho, in particular, is gaining momentum and activity, which will increase the opportunity to learn and compete.

Don’t forget that it is also time for elections. The process has begun . See the elections page here:https://usawe.org/we-community/election-information/ for more information, and don’t forget to VOTE.

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