WE Post: R1 Dec. 2021

R1 Dec. 2021

Category: Announcements


By: Heather Humelbaugh

Hello to Region 1! I am working on getting up to speed with this whole director thing! I’ve signed in to official email and have scheduled my first zoom meeting with the zone championship committee. I have also started a blog for region 1. The blog’s  intent is to share news, education and updates to Region 1. You can subscribe to it, and then it will land automatically into your email whenever a new entry is posted. You can find it here: https://workingeqregion1director.blogspot.com/ 

I wanted a place where I could share information and have it easily accessible in multiple ways. I also post it to the region 1 Facebook page (if you use FB please search and like that page). Region 1 held its first show of the 2022 season at the Oregon Horse Center on Dec. 11th & 12th. I saw some very happy faces on my FB feed. If I am counting correctly, there were 21 entries and several new competitor names on the list. Cool! As I get up to speed, I am hoping to become more familiar with all the inner workings of the Board so that I can assist our region with any issues related to our wonderful organization and sport. I’d like to thank all the outgoing directors  (most of whom are still heavily involved in the Board in some capacity) for all their hard work, and thank you VERY much to those who participated in Board elections. So. Happy New Year! Here is to a fun and eventful 2022 show season! 

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