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R5 April 2024



By: Sara Barnwell — Region 5 Director

Happy April, Region 5!

There has been so much collaboration, learning and FUN across the
region so far this spring! Here are just a few highlights of your accomplishments and some
upcoming events:

  • Clinics across the region with great teamwork reaching well over 100 participants! There are many more scheduled throughout the spring and summer.
  • Big kudos to the team who represented USAWE and several AOs at the Midwest Horse Fair in Wisconsin. The booth was beautiful and included an incredible mini EOH course – WOW!
  • The first two Licensed USAWE shows in our region are coming up in May – May 11 and 12 in Illinois and May 25 and 26 in Michigan. Right after that, our June shows are June 1 and 2 in Illinois, June 15 and 16 in Ohio or June 15 and 16 in Northern Wisconsin.
  • Please check out the USAWE website for a complete list of licensed shows and follow both the USA Working Equitation and USA Working Equitation – Region 5 Facebook pages. Please keep sending me photos of clinics, shows, or awards to be featured on the Region 5 Facebook page!

If you have ideas, questions, or recommendations, you can message me privately through the
Facebook page or email me at

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