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R4 April 2024



By: Kiki Pantaze — Region 4 Director

Oh My! 

There is growth in Region 4! We are seeing strong activity in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. 

Here are a few highlights:

Texas is experiencing good growth in different areas of the state, with key people hosting clinics and putting the word out.  So far, two shows have been hosted in the state and they both had a nice mix of competitors returning to the arena, as well as new people, trying WE for the first time. Texas is looking forward to a comprehensive  clinic in the Weatherford, Texas area in May and Highlander Ranch is holding a show June 1-2, in Waco. 

Seth and Michelle Marshal have resurrected Working Equitation in Oklahoma, where it is growing by leaps and bounds! They are busy hosting clinics and traveling for shows. I think it is helpful the the Marshall’s have formed a strong bond with the very active group in Kansas, which helps keep the excitement going. 

Sarah Porte has done the same thing with Zia Working Equitation in southern New Mexico. She has been traveling to neighboring Arizona  and hosting WE events in NM. Zia has a rated shown scheduled for September at the New Mexico State Fair. 

It is great to have active people excited about WE in all these areas around the Region.

See you down the road!

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