As shared during the 2024 Annual Meeting held Feb 3, the Bylaws Review Task Force is currently reviewing the USA Working Equitation Bylaws. This review is to ensure our Bylaws are relevant, up-to-date, clearly written, effective and concisely constructed that support current governance, to ensure ongoing viability, and enable an organization to nimbly confront challenges that must be addressed to sustain it. If you have recommended changes, please CLICK HERE to offer your thoughts.

What’s New?


Agendas and Minutes of all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings are posted on the website > Corporate > Records > Meeting Minutes.  Below are decisions since the BOD meeting February 21, 2024.

Decisions by Regular Board Meeting – March 13, 2024

  • Authorize $1,200 expenditure for a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS LIABILITY policy premium due March 15, 2024 through Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America
  • Authorize $1,914.65 expenditure for an EQUINE CLUB LIABILITY policy premium due March 15, 2024 through Equisure Insurance.
  • Add USAWE Event Liability Release to policies and procedures.
  • Decline sponsorship for the Cross-National Cup to be held in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada August 26 – September 1, 2024.
  • Approve USAWE Budget (Version 4).
  • Appoint Susan Felicia (R6-PA), and Sammi Korinek (R5-MN), to the Affiliate Organization committee as committee members, effective immediately.
  • Appoint Tamal Nicols (R6-VA) as a member of the Financial Oversight committee, effective immediately.
  • Appoint Jeanne Bond (R6-NJ) as a member of the Bylaws Review Task Force, effective immediately.

A Log of Motions Passed is posted to > Corporate > Records

Rule Change

USAWE RULE REVISION 7.2 – B.15 Jumps 3-15-2024

15. Jump

  1. Description. The obstacle consists of a single jump in a progression of heights for each level. Standard jump rails or a solid wood obstacle (like a flower box) can be used. Bales of straw placed end-to-end are acceptable. The jump must be at least 3-m (10-ft) across. The jump must be positioned between two jump standards with appropriate jump cups.

    L1: Jump consists of a pair of crossed rails not to exceed 0.3 m (12 in.) at the center. L2 and L3: Jump consists of a pair of crossed rails not to exceed 0.5 m (22 in.) at the standard and 0.4 m (15 in.) at the center.

    L4 thru L7: Jump consists of a solid-looking obstacle or rails set 0.5-m (22-in.) high with a ground pole placed under the jump.

  2. Execution. The horse should approach and jump over the obstacle cleanly, naturally, and with assurance. The obstacle may be required in both directions providing there is at least one obstacle in between the first and second execution.
  3. Assessment Criteria (EOH). The Judge will evaluate:
    • The manner in which the horse approaches and leaves the obstacle;
    • The horse’s calmness, straightness, and tempo throughout the obstacle;
    • The quality of the gait in the approach to the jump and the exit;
    • The lead in which the horse canters before and after the jump (L2-L7);
    • The bascule over the jump;
    • The rider’s balance, position, and use of aids in performing the obstacle; and
    • The pair’s confidence and style.

      a break in gait will result in a lower mark. Walking the obstacle can earn a mark Knocking over any part of the obstacle will result in a negative mark.

      Serious Mistakes

      • Refusal to jump
      • Incorrect style (e.g., too tense, too flat, no bascule, over jumping, etc.)
      • Lacking impulsion and willingness
      • Knocking over any part of the obstacle
      • Severe resistance
      • Rider interference with the horse’s mouth or back during the jump or landing

Corporate Meetings

The Board of Directors (BOD) regular meeting is scheduled the 2nd Wednesday of each month. All USAWE Members in good standing are welcome to attend as a silent participant.

The April BOD meeting is scheduled Wednesday April 10, 2024 5:00 Pacific, 6:00 Mountain, 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern time virtually via Zoom.

Please contact Secretary ( at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting if you would like the Zoom meeting room access information. Requests for access arriving less than 24 hours prior to the meeting are not guaranteed a response.

BOD agendas and meeting minutes are posted to > Corporate > Records > Meeting Minutes in accordance to the Bylaws of USA Working Equitation.


Board Agenda Topics

Submit agenda items for board consideration using the online Google Form located on the website > Corporate > Records > Board Agenda Item Request Form 

By: Kris Blacklock, USA WE Secretary

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