We are excited to kick this off this month and are asking for video clips depicting the Bell Corridor (straight or L shaped) and the Medium Walk.

Send in those videos!!

Welcome to “Behind the Bell”, a monthly series of evaluations of videos showing single EOH obstacles and dressage movements. The goal is to have some fun and learn at the same time.

Videos will be chosen based on video quality, not on performance. Don’t be shy, we all learn from mistakes as well as perfection.

We will request obstacle videos and dressage movements each month which depict different levels of performance, L1 vs L5 for instance performing the same obstacle but potentially different dressage movements.

Each month a USAWE judge will critique the chosen video(s) submitted by USAWE members. Videos and evaluations will then be released on Facebook and within the USAWE Newsletter.


Members are welcomed and encouraged to send in quality video clips for the requested obstacle and/or movement.

Videos should be up to 60 seconds long (most will be 30 seconds) and  must show the approach and departure transitions.

Participants must sign a USAWE release for use of the video content and know their content and critiques will be publicly viewable.

Here are two example submissions. The video below depicts a canter down the centerline-halt-walk. To the right is an example of a sidepass pole ridden at level L5.

When you submit your video please give it a name and description. Your name (first and last), the movement being ridden, and perhaps your horse’s name and the event where the video was taken. It’s ok if the video was taken while schooling at home. While show attire is not required, please dress appropriately and be clean and well turned out. Those under the age of 18 must wear a safety helmet.

Submissions for the first Behind the Bell are OPEN! Please upload your videos on or before April 5th, 2024 to be considered for this month’s critique. The video(s) chosen will then be considered by our USAWE Licensed Judge, this month is Polly Limond, and will be published on Facebook on or before the April edition of the USAWE eNewsletter (around the 20th of each month). The next month’s movements will be announced in the April eNewsletter.

We are excited to kick this off this month and are asking for video clips depicting the 

Bell Corridor (straight or L shaped)

and the

Medium Walk

Video Submission Form

For the first movement, the walk, please submit the first movement of the test:  enter-halt- salute-continue. Any level is acceptable.

For the second movement, the Bell Corridor, please show entry, transition, execution and exit. Any level is acceptable. 

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