Professional Instructor: Michelle Lackey of Michelle Lackey Horsemanship

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Michelle Lackey USAWE Professional Instructor

Michelle Lackey

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Medina, OH


  • Lessons/Clinics on-site
  • Travels for Lessons/Clinics
  • Lesson horses available on-site
  • Obstacles available on-site
  • Youth Division Lessons
  • Offers Instruction to L4 Intermediate A

Michelle Lackey

Valley City, OH
Michelle Lackey USAWE Professional Instructor

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  • Lessons on and off-farm
  • Clinics on and off-farm
  • Horse Sales

Welcome to your USA Working Equitation Journey! Michelle Lackey’s diverse 40+ years of horsemanship has allowed her to learn from and work with a multitude of breeds, levels, and disciplines of horses. Her extensive Natural Horsemanship background brings an understanding of equine psychology and communication that navigates the obstacles in the Ease of Handling Phase.

Michelle Lackey’s Dressage background is quite unique. She is a certified Balance International Riding Clinician in 3 dimensional points of balance and biomechanics, and has also delved into deeper studies of feels and awareness with Terry Wright, formally with Robert Hall (Olympic Coach) and the Fulmer International School of Equitation. Michelle Lackey is currently on the USAWE Professional Development Committee.

These attributes will elevate your every WE Phase for confidence, precision, and finesse, for riders and horses of all levels, skills, and disciplines. Sparkle and Shine, my friends!



    • Central Zone Champion L4 Open
    • Scored 80% in the Ease Of Handling Phase L4
    • Highest Dressage and EOH Scores, as well as the fastest Speed Time in the Central Zone Championship


    • National Champion Overall Open
    • USAWE Professional Instructor
    • National Champion L4 Open
    • Region 5 Champion L4 Open
    • Region 5 Champion L1 Open
    • Highest Dressage and EOH Phase Scores in Regional Championship
    • Trained/Coached students and horses to Regional Championships
    • #1 Friesian Sport Horse in the Nation
    • #1 Knabstrupper Horse in the Nation


    • #1 National Hall of Fame Winner (most points earned for all levels and breeds)
    • WE Bronze Medal
    • #1 National and Region 5 Title in L3
    • #1 Friesian Sport Horse in the Nation


    • USDF Bronze Medal *USDF All-Breeds Champion
    • USDF Multiple Regional Qualifier
    • Balance International Saddle Consultant
    • Balance International Constructive Riding Clinician
    • Level 4 Natural Horsemanship Graduate

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