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Greetings from USAWE President Elect

May 2023 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Chris Stanko

Hello from Colorado!

Show season is well on the way. From what I am hearing things are running smoothly. We still have some areas struggling with weather or with numbers. Don’t forget the people putting on the shows need the participation to make all the work for putting on a show worthwhile. They don’t make money on the shows. The cost to put on a show is high these days. Remember to say Thank You to your show managers and all the volunteers. Without them there would not be all these shows.

Our WE family is unbelievable. We all support one another. From our lower level riders who make up the brick and mortar of this organization, and the youth that are committed and up-n-coming to our upper level riders who are always ready to help others is how a community is built. No one is more important than the other. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It’s the family, the community that makes us and keeps us strong.

All of our committees are comprised of volunteers. Committee members work countless hours weekly in processing memberships, horse recordings, developing and maintaining programs and offering educational opportunities for our membership. The workload is real. Fortunately, USAWE has a great group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to serving you, our members, and sharing individual talents.

I appreciate and thank each and everyone for your contributions to our sport.

Ride Softly
Ride with Grace
Ride with Rhythm
Ride with Tact

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