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Greetings from USAWE President Elect

May 2022 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Barbara Price

Dear USAWE Members,

We’re all USAWE Brand Ambassadors

This month I’d like to take a little different tack and focus on marketing and promotion. Its importance is well known for businesses, but why is it important for nonprofit organizations?

The simple answer is it helps build our brand, making it more desirable and memorable. It also helps raise awareness of USAWE, and that spreads the word about our organization and its programs.

This month we will launch two new marketing initiatives. One is our first USAWE image ad. This is a full-color ad that can be used for print publications (magazines, show programs, etc.), preprinted as color flyers, and also used electronically on social media and internet-based applications. It will be finished soon and available for members’ use. The second is the purchase of branded promotional gift items. Some will be reserved for the three Zone Championship shows, and the rest will be available for USAWE sanctioned shows and promotional events. Once these items are available, we will announce how to order for licensed shows and other activities.

I hope our members will take advantage of the new ad and branded gift items and assist with promoting our organization and sport. Print ad flyers and distribute them at your local equine events and stores, and include in your show programs. Share the electronic ad version on your social media pages with information about Working Equitation. Request promotional items while they’re available for your licensed shows. Grass roots marketing for organizations like USAWE can be very powerful and effective in enhancing our brand. All of us can be USAWE Brand Ambassadors and help to promote our organization and our sport.

Work hard. Play hard. And enjoy every moment!

With much appreciation,
Barbara Price
President 2022

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