WE Post: March 2023 E-News

Greetings from USAWE President Elect

March 2023 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Chris Stanko

Hello to all USAWE Members and Happy Spring!

It’s been busy as President of USAWE. We (the board and committees) are working on setting up our banking, providing structure to our policies and procedures, awards, marketing and many other programs. The LOC is working hard to educate our licensed officials, plus planning the Licensed Officials Seminar coming up in June.

There will be some changes in the structure of USAWE to smooth, strengthen, and improve how we run as a business. We have had some turnover within the committees and the board. Now I believe we have a good working group. Communication is key to our team!


The volunteer hours are very heavy at times, especially as we reorganize. Volunteers are the backbone of USAWE!

I’d like to take this moment to express my sincere THANK YOU to all our volunteers. Your talent, dedication and skills are simply amazing. I would also like to say a special THANK YOU to Kris Blacklock for all your time, skills, professionalism, transparency, and endless energy.

Ride Softly
Ride with Grace
Ride with Rhythm
Ride with Tact

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