Committee Reports: June 2023

Awards Committee

Salutations USAWE Members! 


2022 Season December 2021 – through May 2022: 38 

Top scores for 2022 Season        

  • Highest Dressage: L1 81.25% 
  • Highest EOH: L1 81.25%
  • Highest Average Dressage/EOH:  L1 74

2023 Shows to from January through May: 35

Top scores for 2023 Season – January through April: (Not all May shows have been processed) 

  • Highest Dressage: L1 77.41%
  • Highest EOH: L2 78.82%
  • Highest Average Dressage/EOH:  L1 74.49%

Breed Sponsorship Awards

Our new electronic sponsorship form is available and currently in use. If you or an organization you know would like to sponsor a breed please email us to check if the breed is available and to send you a link to the form. The current sponsors can be found at  Awards Programs | USA Working Equitation ( about half way down the page. Last year’s sponsor and winners are on the second tab at the bottom of the sheet.

A warm welcome to a new breed sponsor: Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA).

A huge thank you to FOSH, Friends of Sound Horses for sponsoring both a Champion and Reserve Champion for 2 sponsorships, both Registered and Unregistered for smooth gaited horses. 

***Please remember that if your membership for sponsoring organizations has lapsed and not renewed in 2023, you are not eligible. We have all winners confirmed by the sponsoring organization to ensure their criteria are met, if not, we move to the next potential winner on the list based on points earned.


By: Bridgett Klingler, Awards Committee Chair

Competitions Committee

Show Manager Reminder!

Next year’s show licensing starts July 1st. For ‘Legacy Shows’ (shows that are held on the same weekends each year and have been held for multiple years) the deadline to request show dates for next year is June 25 – 30. Please submit any legacy show dates by June 30th; otherwise 2024 show licenses will start being accepted July 1st.  Visit the website > Competitions > Competition Resources > Competition Licensing Request Form and choose either 2023 or 2024 depending on your licensed show dates


By: Competitions Committee Members

International Committee

USAWE and the International committee (IC) is pleased to announce that our first youth competitor will attend the World Championships Juniors and Young Riders 2023, held in Ponte de Lima, Portugal on July 4-8, 2023. This is a four phase event sponsored by the World Association of Working Equitation.

Summer Star, a long time WE competitor qualified this year to compete in the young rider division that includes ages 18-21. USAWE and IC send our best wishes to Summer Star. The IC recognizes the need to promote and encourage youth competitors in Working Equitation.

The international committee’s mission is to select and prepare candidates for international competitions.

Parts of the preparation process will be to promote and provide education for our general membership. These events will include but not be limited to clinics, seminars, and schooling events.


By: Kellee Campbell, International Committee Chair

Membership Committee

Total Members as of 06/14/23: 999 (+53 from last month)

Members by Region

  • Region 1 – 259 (+20) Way to go!
  • Region 2 – 233 (+6)
  • Region 3 – 72 (+0) ?
  • Region 4 – 74 (+7)
  • Region 5 – 115 (+4)
  • Region 6 – 140 (+7)
  • Region 7 – 96 (+7)

International – 10 (9 Canada, 1 Germany) (+1)

Members by Competition Status

  • Amateur 615 (+27)
  • Junior 99 (+11)
  • Open 285 (+15)
By: Kate Steffes, Membership Committee Chair

Affiliate Organizations Committee

Check out the new layout of the USAWE Affiliate Organization pages on the USAWE website!

AO Quarterly Networking Hour for Affiliate Organization Leaders and Teams

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to build relationships and network with other AO leaders.

  • The next Affiliate Organization Quarterly Networking Hour is July 24, 2023.
  • You should receive a meeting reminder link on July 15th.  Please let me know if you do not receive it.
  • All members of your AO leadership team are welcome to attend.

USAWE Logo just for Affiliate Organizations!

Affiliate Organizations now have a USAWE branded logo to help people identify official AOs.

  • Use this new logo to identify yourself as an official USAWE Affiliate Organization on your website and promotional materials.
  • Please also include a link back to on your website when you add the new logo there.
  • Download the AO Logo file from the AO Resources page of the USAWE website today.

If you have any questions about the USAWE Affiliate Organization Program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d love to chat!

Kristine Strasburger
USAWE Affiliate Organization Program Coordinator
(208) 818-0400 (Central time zone

By Kristine Strasburger, Affiliate Organizations Committee Chair

Youth Development Committee

The Youth Committee has been active over the last month making long- term as well as short- term plans to benefit the YOUTH riders and their development. A few things to remind you that are available now….

USA Working Equitation Youth Club Facebook Group is now ACTIVE. This new, private group is open to all USAWE youth and parents of youth. This community is designed for our youth riders to network and share milestones,  as well as stay informed about upcoming opportunities that are available. Licenced officials are welcome to join to encourage youth riders. Youth may use their parents/guardians facebook account and this page will be a safe and closely monitored space.

Parents of youth, please keep an eye out for an invite link into the group within the next week, or email The group may also be found at

Zone Championship SCHOLARSHIPS available for Youth

As the Spring show season is coming to an end, and Summer shows are kicking off; please remember there are SCHOLARSHIPS available for the qualified YOUTH that covers your ENTRY to any Zone Championship show (entry fee only). If you have two qualifying scores, and plan on attending a Zone Championship show, please apply for this scholarship ASAP so that we can process your application. Applications can be found on the under COMPETITIONS > CHAMPIONSHIPS > YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP or

Youth Logo Design

We have an opportunity for ALL USAWE members and especially  YOUTH to develop a logo design. This logo will be used to represent our YOUTH, the youth club, apparel, gifts, awards, and various other fun items. Get your creative brains flowing!!!!! 

We will have other fundraising efforts using YOUTH only drawings in the future, but this LOGO should be geared towards a design that can be used as a VECTOR file. Even if you don’t have the capabilities of digitizing your idea, PLEASE submit your hand drawn design. We envision a logo that represents youth and working equitation. 

The Youth Committee will narrow down the ideas to the TOP THREE CHOICES and we will let ALL MEMBERSHIP vote on their favorite!

Please have ideas turned into or posted on the USA Working Equitation Youth Club Facebook Group BY SEPTEMBER 1st!

As always, please feel free to offer ideas, thoughts and ask questions freely to


By Kasey Riddle, Youth Development Committee Chair

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