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Greetings from USAWE President Elect

June 2022 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Barbara Price

Dear USAWE Members,

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

I love this quote by sports great Michael Jordan. It speaks volumes as to how people and organizations succeed and thrive. And I can’t emphasize enough how many USAWE members volunteer their time to develop and grow our new organization.

Writing this letter brings to mind members like Jody Fontanetta. Every month, quietly behind the scenes, Jody brings her editing and web skills to the table and ensures our newsletter gets published. She requests news and information from directors and committees, edits, formats and finalizes the newsletter. Every month. We have many, many others who are just as dedicated. My hat is off to all our volunteers who don’t settle for wanting or wishing, but simply work to make things happen.

On a related note, this USAWE newsletter is one of our main sources of regular information for members. Take time to read about the updates, notices and region activities. And, if there’s something you’d like to see in the newsletter, contact Jody or me. Our website is another key source of both USAWE news and general working equitation information. I’ve been told by one of our committee chairs that a large percentage of the answers to questions they receive via email can be found on the website. In particular, if you’re an active competitor, Leaderboard participant, or show manager, check the applicable sections on the website. There’s a wealth of important and useful material on the site.

As we head into the second half of our second year, let’s keep the focus positive and on helping to make things happen. For a small organization like USAWE that is the approach and energy needed to keep us on our path to continued success.

Work hard. Play hard. And enjoy every moment!

With much appreciation,
Barbara Price
President 2022

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