Professional Instructor: Julie Lamberton of JDL Horsemanship

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Julie Lamberton

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JDL Horsemanship

Waymart, PA


  • Lessons/Clinics on-site
  • Travels for Lessons/Clinics
  • Lesson horses available on-site
  • Obstacles available on-site
  • Youth Division Lessons
  • Offers Instruction to L4 Intermediate A

Julie Lamberton

Waymart, PA
Julie Lamberton Professional Instructor

Connect with Julie on FaceBook:  JDL Horsemanship


  • Lessons on-farm
  • Travels for lessons
  • Clinics on-farm
  • Travels for clinics
  • Training board

Julie Lamberton’s name resonates with distinction across the equine industry, recognized both for her instructional prowess as a CHA Master Instructor and Certifier, and for her considerable competitive achievements. She began her formal equine education at Otterbein University, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Science. After graduation, she spent several years working at a horse rescue that was dedicated to taking in blind and senior horses.

For over a decade, Julie has worked out of Waymart, PA, where she has honed her skills as a colt starter, trainer, and riding instructor. As a competitor, Julie Lamberton earned the title of 2022 Eastern Zone Championship Level 2 Open Champion and continued on as the 2023 Level 3 Open Champion. Her consistency and skill have been acknowledged through high point accolades from North American Western Dressage every year since 2015.

Specializing in the art of training and riding gaited horses, Julie Lamberton has honed exceptional skills that showcase the unique grace and abilities of these horses. Her expertise extends to in-hand work with horses, a testament to her versatile and comprehensive approach to equine training, prioritizing clear communication and mutual respect. A good deal of Julie’s training is in starting horses to saddle or cart. While she does specialize in gaited horses, she does work with a wide variety of breeds.

As a mentor, Julie inspires with a philosophy that interweaves classical techniques with her deep understanding of equine psychology and behavior. She works with all age and skill levels from youth and beginners to mature adults and advanced riders. Her dedication to fostering a deep bond between horse and rider has cemented her reputation as not only a champion in the arena but as an architect of the human-horse bond.

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