WE Coach: Jessica Mosbaugh Panighetti of Pacific Performance Horses

Jessica Mosbaugh Panighetti of Pacific Performance Horses

Jessica Mosbaugh Panighetti

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Fiddletown, CA


  •         Lessons on-farm
  •         Travels for lessons
  •         Clinics on and off-farm,
  •         Training board and board
  •         Horse Sales,
  •         Working Student positions available

I grew up in Indiana and got my first horse at age 8. I rode with trainers including Lynn Palm, Sally Swift, George Morris, Clark Bradley, and others. My quarter horse Ben and I competed in nearly every AQHA class from the 10 and under division through the Amateur division.

From 1988 to 1991 I attended William Woods College in Missouri and began training and coaching professionally. Gayle Lampe introduced me to the world of saddleseat and American Saddlebreds and Kenny Burgdorfer worked on my jumping skills. I worked at a local boarding barn starting over 100 colts in 3 years. I rode with Jon Barry, Gil Galyean, Jamie Bissell, and Richard Shrake and learned what I could from each. In 2001 I met Ray Hunt. I spent the next 7 years trying to soak up as much as I could. Through Ray I was introduced to Eric Thomas and experienced the thrill of riding reiners and cow horses. My clients and I continued to compete in multiple events.

In 2016 I observed a Working Equitation clinic with Carlos Carneiros. Working Equitation combines my 2 loves, obstacles and western dressage. I am impressed by the level of lightness, discipline, partnership and horsemanship in this sport. I have been fortunate now to ride with many talented Working Equitation trainers including Carlos Carneiros, Miguel Undabarrena, Andre Ganc, José Manuel Correia Lopes, Polly Limond, and Rebecca Algar and I look forward to moving up the levels.

In 2020 I began giving clinics and helped bring Working Equitation to Northern California by starting the Summer Fun Working Equitation Show Series. Come ride with us!

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The logo represents the four trials of Working Equitation and highlights the diversity for which the sport is known in the United States. 

  • The first image depicts a mule, being ridden in western tack and attire in the Dressage trial.
  • The second image showcases an Iberian horse in traditional Iberian tack and attire performing in the EOH trial.
  • The third image shows a horse of indeterminate breeding and a rider in English tack and attire, competing in the Speed trial.
  • Together, all three riders represent a team competing together in the Cattle trial. Although the cow is not shown directly, the three teammates are working in concert. The image is intended to elicit the feeling of excitement and movement as the team moves their designated cow toward the holding pen to the far right, off the page. (Think of it as a "silent cow", much as the letter "e" at the end of a word is often referred to as "the silent 'e'" in recognition of its existence without being read aloud).

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