WE Post: February 2022 E-News

Greetings from USAWE President Elect

February 2022 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Barbara Price

Dear USAWE Members,

As an avid sports fan, I’ve been trying to catch some of this month’s Olympic competitions whenever I can. I’ve heard a couple of the athletes say how fortunate they are to be ‘living in a bubble’ of fellow athletes who share their passion. It struck me that we, as equestrians, and especially with our wonderfully supportive Working Equitation culture, are much the same. We are, indeed, very lucky to be ‘living in a bubble’ with so many who not only share our passion, but support our personal efforts to learn and grow. It really is something to celebrate!

Along this same line, I’m continually inspired by how many of our USAWE members step up to contribute their expertise and talents to the organization. It’s remarkable to think everything this entire organization does is run…and done…by volunteers:

  • Hundreds of memberships processed and fulfilled every year
  • Monthly accounts receivable, financial statements, and oversight reviews
  • A wealth of WE information, news, and services on our website
  • Marketing, newsletter, email services, social media, and retail product opportunities
  • Officials training and educational programs
  • Comprehensive WE rules, reviewed and updated every year
  • Licensed shows and management assistance
  • Robust awards programs
  • Policy & procedures and compliance recourse
  • Professional coaches network
  • Affiliated organizations and support

Need I say more? Any time you access programs or services, look up information or events, or tap into anything else under the USAWE umbrella, remember it’s all done by members who graciously donate hundreds of hours of their time. Take a minute to thank these volunteers when the occasion arises. USAWE wouldn’t be possible without them.

Work hard. Play hard. And enjoy every moment!

With much appreciation,

Barbara Price
President 2022

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