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Greetings from USAWE President Elect

August 2022 E-News
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President’s Letter

By: Barbara Price

I’m only an amateur rider…

Working Equitation is a very challenging discipline in general, but especially at the higher levels. For me, and I’d guess many of us, it’s a delight to watch our higher-level professional riders. Whether in person at shows, on YouTube videos, or via social media posts. There’s many absolutely beautiful horses and riders.

But I also love that the majority of the USAWE membership is made up of amateur riders. Unfortunately, I sometimes hear competitors say, “I’m only an amateur rider.” The word amateur originated in France and was used to

describe someone who does something for love or passion. Through the years, amateur has come to mean not professional. Given the passionate and inclusive nature of Working Equitation, I think the original meaning aptly describes so many of our amateur riders and competitors. We love our horses, our sport, and our WE communities. Let’s remember to embrace and support our amateur riders, at all levels. They bring a sense of passion and enthusiasm to our sport, as only those who do something for love, not money, can create. They will be the foundation for our sport’s future; and they indirectly help support the professional trainers and competitors we love to watch ride and compete.

Important Reminder: USAWE elections are coming up soon! All but one of our officers and directors are voted in by the membership, and it’s of upmost importance to get experienced, dedicated leaders on the Board of Directors. Nominations open September 1. Check the website for all deadlines and details. If you’d like to play a part in advancing our organization and sport, consider running for office. But even if you don’t run, be sure to review the candidates and vote!

Work hard. Play hard. And enjoy every moment!

With much appreciation,
Barbara Price
President 2022

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