ID: (23-067) Working Equitation Club Idaho Late-Spring Fling #1


Licensed show (23-067) ID OregonTrail Late-Spring Fling #1 Visit > Competitions > List of Licensed Competitions for license status, performance levels offered, show manager, judge and technical delegate info.

Idaho’s 1st Licensed USAWE Show! Celebrate with us at the Late-Spring Fling on the ID Oregon Trail Prairie.

Join us for a three-phase Double Point Show, with “r” Judge Tracey Erway from Sherwood OR; TD Dawn Swenson and stay for the Saturday Night Fling with music and food!

Entry Fees: Show#1 = $225 L2-L5, $200 L1, Show#2 = $100 extra each rider.

Amateur, Open & Youth Divisions.

Site opens at 3pm June 9. Dry camping with or without a horse, and stalls are available at $15/night.

Follow Google maps for the Dream River Ranch. She knows where we are.

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