WE Post: R7 May 2024

R7 May 2024

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Kasey and “T-Man” riding the Pen at L3/Novice B-Amateur division at the Eastern Zone Championship in Dillsburg, PA


By: Pat Melton — Region 7 Director

Everyone should be aware of how nicely USAWE acknowledges the accomplishments of horse and rider teams competing in licensed shows. As our area show season begins, I wanted to highlight and honor one of our region’s incredible partnerships. 

My good friend, Kasey Riddle (Cruso, NC) was Texas raised but has lived her adult life in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. She and her husband Shane, along with their daughters, Landyn and Ellie, live on 200 acres along with about 100 head of beef cattle, 3 pet dogs,7 bear hunting hounds, 20+ chickens, pigs, on occasion, a pet bunny and four horses, including Kasey’s partner Lazer Thyme. 

Kasey and “T-Man” had a 2023 season that should be celebrated. The Riddle’s added him to their family in 2018, after being retired from an eventing career by his previous owner. Kasey was returning to horses after a seventeen-year absence. As a child she participated in Pony Club, exercised polo ponies as a high schooler, and worked at a dude ranch before going to college.  She thought her return to horses would be in eventing but T-Man discouraged that dream with his tendency to buck, especially when jumping. Instead, her return to riding focused on classical Dressage. They did very well that first year together, qualifying and competing in the NCDCTA Championships. But being introduced to Working Equitation in 2019 changed the trajectory of their relationship together. Kasey appreciated Working Equitation’s dressage foundation plus she felt her pony could better compete in the WE arena versus being judged against leggy warmbloods.  

Pre-COVID they competed in local schooling shows at Level 1/Introductory; T-Man’s antics were not favorable for cantering between obstacles. During the COVID lockdown, Kasey devoted many hours of training and working through those worries. She very successfully showed at Level 2/Novice A in 2021-2022 and graduated to Level 3/Novice B in 2023. Kasey and Lazer Thyme will make their L4/Intermediate A  debut at the Three Bulls Classic the middle of May. 

They finished the 2023 competition year by winning the L3/Novice B-Amateur division at the Eastern Zone Championship in Dillsburg, PA, and won the Cattle Trial there. At year end they were named the L3 Champions for both Region 6 and Region 7 and honored as the National Champions at L3. In addition, Lazer Thyme finished the year as one of the top 20 horses in the nation. 

I’m most impressed by her qualifying as a USAWE Lifetime Bronze Medalist this past year, acknowledging her excellence at Levels 2/Novice A and Level 3/Novice B.  Reviewing her show records are impressive, especially when you realize the LOWEST score they’ve ever received is 63%+. 

Kasey is not only is deserving of accolades because of her show record, but she also eagerly gives her ‘free’ time to USAWE as the Youth Program Chairman and is a founding member/Vice-President of Working Equitation of North Carolina. She has attended multiple LOC educational seminars, continuing to strive for understanding and excellence. 

Congratulations my friend. 

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