Jim Groesbeck at WENC Summer Solstice Show 2024

After the two regional shows to date, I’m thrilled to announce that the following nine teams have already qualified for the 2024 Eastern Zone Championship to be held at Three Bulls Farm. They are due a round of applause and we hope to see them in October.

Level 1-Introductory/Amateur
Laura Kobrin and Promise Grand Exclamation

Level 2-Novice A/Open
Morgan Osbaldeston and Well Played

Level 2-Novice A/Amateur
Channing Bump and Two Snip Bandit
Karen Byrd and Feather
Robyn Gillen and Irish Liberty 

Level 2-Novice A/Youth
Landyn Riddle and Rusty

Level 3-Novice B/Amateur
Kerry Dorfman and Dual Caddie Lena

Level 4-Intermediate A/Open
Kasey Riddle and Lazer Thyme

Level 5-Intermediate B/Open
Jim Groesbeck and Importante


By: Pat Melton — Region 7 Director

It’s show time in Region 7 and WE could not be more excited. Working Equitation is growing quickly in the Southeast. The first licensed competition of the 2024 season in the region was the Three Bulls Classic in Bulls Gap, TN, May 17-19. The Funaro and Blackstone families always are so welcoming. USAWE Senior Judge Polly Limond officiated as twenty-five teams competed, representing twelve levels/divisions (Levels 1-5). Three Bulls Farm also hosted a Cattle trial on Sunday afternoon, with Betty Jumper (NC) and her mare, DBS Golden Breeze, being the only team to successfully pen a calf. 

Three weeks later, Working Equitation of North Carolina (WENC) hosted a two-day show at FENCE (Foothills Equestrian Nature Center) in Tryon, NC. Thirty-one teams competed in fourteen levels-divisions (Levels 1-5, 7) under the scrutiny of USAWE Senior Judge Rebecca Algar. Everyone in attendance was enchanted to watch USAWE Professional Instructor, Jody Fontanetta (TN), debut her Level 7/Masters freestyle dressage performance (https://youtu.be/YVsLWr0w898?si=v1WURGchsDwhwKMd). 

Betty Jumper penning cow at Three Bulls Classic

The next licensed competition in the region will be the inaugural Wild at Heart Ranch Working Equitation Shows #1 and #2, the weekend of August 24-25, at the Chicopee Agricultural Center in Gainesville, GA, Rebecca Algar will again serve as the judge. Registration is currently open and since they’re hosting two one-day shows, entries are limited to 20 competitors per day. Registrations are electronic: https://tinyurl.com/35nj99w2

In addition to the licensed competitions, several schooling shows are being offered this summer:

All events, from clinics to licensed shows, are dependent upon participants and volunteers. If you don’t plan on riding, think about offering your time and expertise in a volunteer capacity. I’m certain the organizer will be very happy to hear from you. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at R7Director@usawe.org.

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