By: Chris Stanko — Region 3 Director

9 year old Maerin Grout riding Bandit Region 3



High Country Working Equitation had their first licensed show of the year June 8/9th. In the 2 days they had 30 riders competing. 

There will be clinics and playdays coming up the rest of June and Early July. Stay tuned on FB for information. 

This is our 9 year old Maerin Grout riding Bandit! They are such a great pair!


June 14-15
Comprehensive Horsemanship/ Working Equitation Clinic
R & D Ranch, Topeka, KS
Seth Marshall
Dionne Newton 

June 21
Cattle Clinic followed by Schooling Cattle Trial Kansas State Fairgrounds Hutchinson, KS Sue Watkins- “R” Judge
Linda Frazier

June 22-23
USAWE Rated Show – WEKS SHOW #3, #4 Kansas State Fairgrounds Hutchinson, KS Sue Watkins- “R” Judge
Linda Frazier 

June 22-23
USAWE Schooling Show
Kansas State Fairgrounds Hutchinson, KS Marie Maloney- “l” Judge
Linda Frazier Member spot light for region 3 from Kanas

Beth H. Tolentino Region 3 Spotlight June 2024

Beth H. Tolentino

When did you start riding horses? 

I was horse crazy since I can remember, but never had a horse of my own. My grade school friend Amy let me ride bareback double (me in back) with her. Other friends with horses were kind to share with me as much as possible. When I turned 50, I decided it was time to finally buy my very own horse. So now, I am living my 8-year-old self’s dream! 

How did you get interested in Working Equitation? 

Shana Drake is a college sorority sister of mine. We were chatting at a reunion a couple of years ago and she shared about Working Equitation. 

Tell us about your favorite horse(s). 

Ginger, the chestnut mare (!) my grade school friend Amy had. Ginger was so patient with us little girls, riding up and down the big hill in Amy’s yard over and over. I don’t remember any bad behavior from her, and she taught me how to stay on with just my legs and core balance and no mane to hold onto. Mateus is my favorite now, of course! 

Please tell us something about your life away from horses (family, home or professional life). 

I am a physician assistant who has worked ER and urgent care. My husband of 37 years (Elias) and I live in the beautiful Flint Hills. We have three adult children.


Working Equitation Show and Derby at Dalton Farm June 29th/ 30th 

This is an unlicensed competition to build experiences for riders new to Working Equitation. L1 – L4, dressage , EOH and speed. Come learn and have some fun! Contact Teresa Bain Worland WY.

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