USAWE Trade Show Grant Application

Grant Guidelines

Purpose of the Grant:
To facilitate educating the equestrian community about the sport of Working Equitation. It will also promote USA Working Equitation by helping clinicians presenting and Affiliate Organizations (AOs) manning a Working Equitation booth at large trade shows to offset expenses not covered by the applicant’s contract, including, but not limited to the cost of the booth, cost of stabling of the applicant’s or applicant’s students’ demo horses, cost of demo horse transport, expenses associated with traveling to the venue.  

Who is eligible to apply:

Affiliated Organization (AO)  in good standing. If AO’s involvement in the event includes a classroom presentation or a clinic, the presenter must comply with the same requirements as an Individual Clinician/Presenter.
Individual Presenter/Clinician must be a current USAWE Licensed Official or USAWE Coaches’ Network member in good standing.
When to submit application: Application must be submitted as soon as the event contract is signed and no later than 40 days before the event date.
Requirements: the applicant must ensure that all of the requirements are met; some of the requirements may need to be negotiated in the contract with the event organizer:
  • USAWE affiliation must be mentioned in the applicant’s bio in event publications.
  • USAWE banner (provided by the USAWE; shipping label paid both ways so it can be returned after the event) must be prominently displayed at the applicant’s booth.
  • USAWE printed and other promotional materials (provided by USAWE) must be displayed/offered at the booth for the entire duration of the event.
  • If lecture/class-room time is included to introduce the sport of Working Equitation, USAWE official PowerPoint presentation and/or USAWE promotional video must be used (this requirement will become effective when such presentation material is available).
  • During lessons clearly differentiate which material comes from the applicant and what is part of the USA Working Equitation Rulebook.
  • The grant recipient will have to fill out the IRS form W-9.
  • After the event the applicant must submit all receipts associated with the expenses covered by the grant, as well as a short write up about the event to be used in USAWE social media posts and newsletters. Submitting event pictures and video is encouraged.
Documentation required with the grant application submission:
Copy of the event contract clearly stating the event name, date, presenter’s name, and which expenses are covered and which are not, including expenses associated with using demo horses and riders. Other financial details may be redacted. Please email all supporting documentation to
Grant amounts:
Expenses not covered by the event organizer, up to $200 per each day of the event: a 2-day event will have a $400 limit and a 4-day event will have a $800 limit. For 2023 applications will be processed on the first come – first serve basis until the budgeted amount is spent.
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