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Arizona – Scottsdale

US Mangalarga Marchador Association

US Mangalarga Marchador Association Logo

Phone #: (602) 999-3915
Facebook page: North American Mangalarga Marchador Assn – USMMA

US Mangalarga Marchador Association
10487 E Rising Sun Dr
Scottsdale, AZ  85262

Main Contact: Lynn Kelley

The USMMA is a non-profit group of members from the US and Canada.  We are a small, passionate group that own or just love Mangalarga Marchador horses, an Iberian-based Brazilian breed.  The association’s main focus is on our registry and breed standards that follow and mimic the original Brazilian association, the ABCCMM.  We are an official affiliate of the ABCCMM and work closely with them in many areas.  Here in North America, we actively promote and publicize the Mangalarga Marchador breed to grow their numbers and encourage participation in local events and sports.

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